Eating in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Every mid-day Cambodian pupils take a seat to enjoy a few of their country's most tasty dishes: its street food. For expats this is among the least savored areas of Cambodia's usually under valued cuisine. 
Many expatriates believe that the Kingdom's roadside delicacies include little more than deep fried tarantulas and stir fried crickets. Concerns about hygiene also maintain some visitors from gratifying. The best street food is not about bugs both the edible or intestine type and it's too good to miss. The safest the foods are such that are cooked in front of you and served hot, that kills off bacteria. 

Street food has two benefits over food cooked in restaurants: foil and immediacy. And as the time from booth to table is only seconds, you will be confident that the food hasn't languished long enough to gather the odd bacteria. 

Here are a number of the safest and most delicious dishes that you will find on the streets of Cambodia. Despite the fact that they're typically sold in street side stands and by roving sellers, you may also see them in the food area at Central Market, that's grown-up sized seats and maybe somewhat higher hygienic standards. Most likely the simplest introduction to street food is its drinks. 

Cachay Num
The thoroughfares of Phnom Penh are lined with coffee shops selling kar-fe toek doh koh toek gok, or iced coffee with sugared condensed milk. Some choose to have it without the condensed milk, but they underestimate the mental clarity caused by the tingling of dental caries caused by the drink's unabashed treacliness. 

Fried in shallow pans by mobile street vendors, num kachay are little chive cakes, made with glutinous rice flour and served with a sweet, spicy fish sauce. You will find comparable Variations of this dish in Thailand, but the formula is believed to have originated from China. A common mid-day or night snack in Cambodia, sach ko chomkak are skewers of beef cooked over hot coals. 

Skewers of beef cooked over hot coals
They are best enjoyed tucked into a crusty baguette and combined with tart green papaya slaw and spicy red chili sauce. Variations of fried noodles abound in Cambodia, but whether they are made with brief, thick rice noodles that resemble worms, soft yellow egg noodles or packaged deep fried instant ramen noodles, mi char is among the easiest and most gratifying mid-day snacks. While sellers have numerous different versions, beef and pork stir fried with tender vegetables are the most typical.

Travel to Amazing Cambodia

Cambodia is a nation still trying to find its way following the horrible genocide that was completed by the Khmer Rouge regime between 1975 and nineteen seventy nine, when about 1.5-3 million Cambodian people were killed. 

Private rooms in hostels and guesthouses usually go for $5-10 USD per night, dependent upon where you're within the country. You could get comfortable guest rooms for $15-20 USD with air con, Television, along with other conveniences. 

For a complete home or apartment, expect to pay closer to $27 USD per night. Local street sellers will price you about $1-2 USD per meal, and fundamental restaurant foods may cost between $3-5 USD. 

Western foods at good restaurants go between $5-15 USD per individual. If you plan on purchasing your very own grocery stores and cooking your very own meals expect to pay between $20-25 USD each week, dependant upon your diet. Renting a driver for the day may set you back between $15-20 USD, and most hostels might help you arrange finding one. Generally, you may get a bus anyplace within the nation at under $18 USD. For example, buses depart on a regular basis from Siem Reap to Thailand for as small as $13 USD each way. Both buses and mini buses also make the trip from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh everyday for $10 USD per individual.

Activities - Those planning to visit Angkor Wat should factor in the price of the entry fee, which is around $20 USD each day. Other tours, hikes, and entry fees are between $10-20 USD depending upon the length and recognition of the action. Cambodia is among the cheapest nations in Southeast Asia. There is no cause this nation must cost you greater than $20 USD per day, but if you drink a great deal, you will need a slightly higher budget. The temple ruins are massive, and you will need a few days to explore most of them. 

Consider hiring a tuk for the day, normally, rent a bike and explore the ruins at your very own pace. You may take a boat all the way down one end all other or just cruising around on a day trip.

Try eating steaming sticky rice and Duck BBQ - Lao food in Cambodia

Hello, I am ready to bring you with another what people in the northern region of Cambodia are enjoy eating. It is called steaming sticky rice with BBQ.

Sticky rice in Khmer tradition is used to make mostly desserts, some kind of cakes, but in Laos it is used to cook as normal rice to eat.

In the below video, you will enjoy seeing we were making steaming sticky rice and duck BBQ for our family lunch. It was so delicious. Also seeing how can we steam the sticky rice.

You also can find it in some restaurants in Stung Treng town of Cambodia that will serve this dish or you can also get it in the market as street food. In the market mostly you can find steaming sticky rice wrapped by banana leaves and some kind of meats and papaya salad.

Eating steaming sticky rice, BBQ, Papaya salad with Mekong BBQ  Before in Battambang now moving to Phnom Penh. Contact for home delivery 012 706 031
Eating sticky rice, we believe that it will keep us full for very longer time than the normal rice, so that's why love people love having it as their main meal.

  Also let enjoy with the video below and don't forget to try it when you come and visit Cambodia.


Try visiting Stung Treng province, a northern region of Cambodia

Stung Treng province is one of provinces of Cambodia located in its Northern region where bordered with Lao, Ratanakiri, Kratie, Mondulkiri and Preah Vihea province and now has been promoted to be one of cities in Cambodia.

Stung Treng province map by

Top 5 places in Stung Treng, Cambodia, where most people visited during Khmer New Year 2015

Stung Treng has 5 districts and surfaced by a lot of forest zones around. The population is the smallest if comparing to other provinces of Cambodia.

Camp in the middle of Mekong river bank by Mekong bird resort photo

Stung Treng is an under developing town and small town but full of natural potentialities, located along four main rivers conjunction in the region, Sekong, Sesan, Sre Pork and Mekong together.

Today, Stung Treng has been not too attractive to many local and outsiders to come and visit because of its slow development, but instead tourists just have passed by for short period and head to Lao right away.

Even though as I mentioned, Stung Treng, there is a place where many natural resources and potentialities hidden.

In this post I would suggest all of you to try visiting Stung Treng if you are visiting Cambodia around.

I would suggest you to watch this video and also do research more what you can do to visit Stung Treng town. There more way to do surprising things in this province.

Video by Mekong bird resort in Stung Treng

Some great pictures from Eco-tourism at Mekong River greatness in Stung Treng province photographed by Mekong bird resort

A great Mekong Irrawaddy dolphin by World Wildlife Fund

Try eating Cambodian street foods

You wanna try something new, amazing while your visiting in Cambodia! I am suggesting you, try to have some street foods where you will be around Cambodia.

There are so many different street foods that you can find and crap where you will be at around Cambodia from the big towns to the smalls. May you will be aware of not to have street foods because of its quality, hygiene..., I agree sometimes but also there are some of them are good for you to try.

Street foods can be great things for you such as
  • Cutting down your expenses if you wanna spend cheap in Cambodia. Try eating cheap in Cambodia
  • Fast to crap that you do not to wait for long time as you are hungry
  • You can have it freestyle, do not need to prepare your manner for eating and enjoy your moment
  • You will understand how common people can survive with no high expense

So here, I have tried to collect some different street food you can try when visiting Cambodia.

 Enjoy with video below:



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