Top 6 attraction tourist places in Mondulkiri province, Cambodia

Cambodia's eastern highlands make up Mondulkiri province, a province chock full of natural beauty, with forested mountains, powerful waterfalls and lush grassy hills. Communities of "hill tribes" still unaffected by mass-tourism are common and a big draw for foreign tourists. Sen Monorom, the provincial capital, is a quiet town with a frontier feel, although it has potential to develop into an eco-tourism center.

Below are the top 7 attractive places that most of tourists have been and loved them

6- Boo Sra waterfalls

Busra waterfall is located in Pich Chenda district about 43 kilometers northeast of Mondulkiri provincial town, Sen Monorom. Busra is considered by many to be the most beautiful waterfall in Mondulkiri. The waterfall is divided into three stages.

5- Rom Monea  waterfalls

Rum Near Warerfall is located at Sen Monorum District in 10.5 kilometer distance from the provincial town. The waterfall has good location, which is closed to the industrial plantations like rubber, coffee, cashew, mango, Avocado and Pres as well.

The waterfall is 5 meters high and 10 meters wide in the rainy season, in dry season, it is 6 meters high and 8 meters wide and flows smoothly past tall shade trees and toward a large basin that is suitable for swimming or bathing.

4- Monorom town

Sen Monorom lies at an altitude of 800 meters which makes it a little bit cooler than Phnom Penh especially during the night.
The city is rapidly developing and so is the tourist industry. You will not find untouched or unspoiled nature or ethnic groups. But even though you might not be the first tourist to lay your eyes on Sen Monorom it is probably one of the least touristic areas in Cambodia and many of the ethic groups still lives pretty much like they always have, but this may soon end if the tourist industry keeps growing in the area.

3- Dak Dam waterfalls

Visit to Dak Dam, the Bunoung indigenous village, the only 20 km in the east of Senmonorom city of Mondulkiri, you will enjoy with the local culture and their lifestyle, handicraft which produce by indigenous people, trekking in the jungle, and contribute labor to the local farming. To get to Dak Dam you can access by Car, Motorbike, Bike-cycle ( A Mini bus would be offering for transportation. 

2- Pou Lung village (Cham ka srol)

The Pou Lung Village, Mondulkiri is one of the main tourist attractions in Mondulkiri. It is located close to the main town center. Pou Lung Village, Mondulkiri is known for the rich historical tradition and culture and is visited by plenty of tourists. Pou Lung Village in Mondulkiri is located near the town center of Senmonorom. It is around 10 kms from the town centre and takes around 15 minutes by car. 
1- Pou Tang village

It take about 30 minutes by car or motorbike and in short future. The road to the dakdam will be paved.
Attractions : The main points of interest are spectacular waterfall, dramatic mountainous forest, impressive undulated hills, fresh air and local villages of indigenous people. This area provide a good opportunity to explor for pinic, trekking, swimming. Especially, it can be introduced visiting local villages and the culture of the indigenous people and shopping the souvenirs made by local people.


  1. Cambodia is a haven on earth. It has a wide range of awesome places to see. I always like to visit this stunning region due to its rich natural beauty. Pou Lung village is a delightful destination to visit in Cambodia. I visited this town last year before my us tours. This pretty village is located in Mondulkiri. It has a variety of ancient sights and historical specimens. Its handicrafts and artifacts are well known all over the world.

    1. Thanks Howard that you like my country and gave a such richly comment in what you experienced in Cambodia. Hope that you will come again and go to different places in Cambodia!


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