Top 10 best Paying Salary Jobs in Cambodia

Looking for high paying jobs in Cambodia?

Here are the top 10 most highest paying job in Cambodia that I would like to bring for you. But you need to know all of those jobs are not easy task for you to get it. It is very competitive in the job market.
Remember that only Jobs in Management level that make the most money from the employers. So when you are looking for a high pay job you have to know your ability level and start applying the right job where you trust that you can do it well. Professional companies will only hire professional employees. Let dig this up altogether.

High Paying Jobs Locations

Phnom Penh, Cambodia -
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Top 10 High Paying Positions
When you are new to the job market you might have hard time of telling which one is the good job for you or hardly identify the best paying job. Choosing a company to work with is a matter when we don't know the historical background of the company.
The following are the top 10 good pay Jobs today:
10- Finance Manager - is a person who incharge of finance and accounting matter of the company. A certain skills is required for this job with related experienced and accounting or managerial skills
9- Human Resource Manager - Having skill of making good decision to hire employees for the company and managing the internal policy for employee including designing package and benefits to equal for company and employee to meet the current economic and understand the employment law.
8- Country Manager - Overall management of daily operations including all area or existing departments.
7- Pilot - Even though the airline is not growing so much yet but those who are working in this field enjoying the benefit from the job operating the airplane. Seldom, you can find Cambodian people jumping to learn this specific skills of airplane operation.
6- Consultant - Project or company will require a consultant for scope of project or work from time to time. Consultant is working for a limited time period hire by the company to digest good practice for work development. Government and Non profit organization found to hire consultant the most.
5- General Manager - Is very similar to Country Manager but mostly a self investment company or company setup by local business. Non profit organization usually don't use general manager for overall taking care of the office or work, it is application to only profit oriented companies.
4- Doctor - A doctor can work at the public hospital and working at private clinic. The growing of clinic required more doctor with different skills and specific area of specialization.
3- Project Manager - Taking care of one or more project with knowledge of good communication skills, fund raising, money management and proposal writing with ability to do the project evaluation and report writing skills.
2- IT Manager - In charge of overall management of Information System infrastructure of the company, the bank or non profit bodies. Some skills of staff management is required if the company have more staff under this position which is usually applicable.
1- Bank Manager - Taking care of the daily operation of a bank or a branch bank and overall management including responsible to the central bank management.

Note: These not include the government's job. Most of government official, especially with high ranking they can make a lot of money but not from the right way. So I won't count it.

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