Top 10 best prospect businesses idea in Cambodia

Here are the top 10 Best Prospects businesses idea in the future of Cambodia that quoted from Phnom Penh Cambodia website

10-Tourism Infrastructure and Resorts

Tourism sector today in Cambodia have increased every year. It is a good opportunity of establishing places where can attract tourists and give them pleasure such as good infrastructure and more green resort around Cambodia.

9- Education

 Everyone need education, in the last few years we can see the private schools have increased like a mushrooms. Especially, we need more best quality schools that can provide best education for Cambodian students in order to compete ability when the ASEAN integration at the end of 2015.

8- Architecture, Construction, and Engineering Services

 Construction sector have also increased in Cambodia. So it is very good opportunity to start businesses involving Architecture, Construction, and Engineering Services

7- Household Goods and Appliances

6- Agribusiness and Food Processing

5- Used Cars and Automotive Parts

4- Power Generation Equipment

3- Fast Food and Beverage Franchises

2- Pharmaceuticals, Medical Supplies, and Medical Equipment

1- Banking

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