Top 10 major tourist attraction in Battambang provinnce, Cambodia

Battambang province, known as “the rice bowl of Cambodia” is located in the northwest, bordering Thailand. Around 7 percent of Cambodia’s population live in Battambang, mostly farming rice and rending orchards- Battambang oranges, prized for their sweet taste, are much in demand throughout the region.

Battambang is often called Cambodia’s second city, although its wide boulevards are a far cry from the chaotic streets of most urban centres.

There are many best places for tourists to visit such as

10- Barsaet Temple
Barsaet Temple is located in Barsaet Villlage, Tapoan commune, Sangke District, about 15 kilometers east of Battambang provincial town. The temple was built in the 11th century, between AD 1036 and 1042, during the region of King Suryavarman I (AD 1002-1050). This temple was seriously damaged, and only the door frame remains. Next to this temple, there is an ancient pond that is 20 meters long, 12 meters wide and 10 meters deep. It hold water year round.

9- Wat Ek Phnom Temple
Wat Ek Phnom is 11km from Battambang?s ferry landing by the shortest route and 21km if you go via the Pepsi plant and Pheam Ek. Combining both makes for a nice 32km circuit.

8- Ba Nan Temple
The temple is located on the top of approximate 400-meter heighten mountain at Kon Tey 2 commune, Ba Nan District in 25-kilometer distance from the provincial town by the provincial Road No 155 parallel to Sang Ke River. At the mountain's valley, there are Ku Teuk and two main natural wells, namely: Bit Meas and Chhung or Chhung Achey.

7-East-West Sneung Temple
The Sneung Temples are divided into two parts-East Sneung and West Sneung Temple. The East Sneung Temple locates in Sneung Pagoda, about 22km southwest of the provincial town. This temple was constructed with brick on the hill which is 30m by 20m. Its features three separate shrines and is similar in style to other temples built during the 12th century. Behind the temple, there is a new temple.

6- Ang Kam Ping Pouy Pool
The trip from Battambang in Cambodia to Kamping Pouy itself is an attraction as you will pass beautiful countryside.  The water reservoir was built by the Khmer Rouge in one of their grander schemes and ten-thousand of people died during its construction. It's about 35 km from town.

5- Som Pov Mountain
Phnom Sampov is a natural and historical site located along National Road 57 about 12km from the provincial town. Atop 100-meter-high mountain stands a pagoda and three natural carves: Pkasla, Lakhaon and Aksopheak. Pkasla cave is full of uprooted stones and is considered important because it is where Phnom Sampov residents come to celebrate after a marriage. It's about 12km from town.

4- Sek Sork Falls
Sek Sork, Battambang is one of the beautiful places that a nature loving traveler will like to explore. This is a natural resort which has remained a popular tourist spot for a long time. It is popularly known as the Sek Sak Resort and the area lies on the banks of a river. The area is filled with lots of trees and green vegetation making it a scenic paradise. Sek Sork, Battambang is a well known place which became famous especially during the time of Civil War.  It's about 50 km from town

3- Pich Chenda Falls
One of the popular tourist attractions in Battambang is Pich Chenda. Most of the tourists like to visit this premier destination which lies along most of the other tourism sites like Sek Sak and Dang Tung. It's about 34 km from town

2- Dang Tung Mountain
Dang Tung, Battambang is frequently accessed by leisure tourists touring the second largest city and the capital of the Battambang Province. Locally known as Phratabong, the city of Battambang is an elegant riverside town which dates back to the 11th Century. Home to few of the best preserved colonial architecture of Cambodia, the city of Battambang is also famous for its large density of natural wonders including the Dang Tung, Battambang. It's about 54 km from town

1-Phnom Kdoung Mountain
Phnom Kdoung How to go: 14 km (1h) From Provincial Town. Location: Description: Nature wildlife and Preserves, Location: Kdong Village, Phnom Sampov Commune. Banann District.

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