Top 5 masterpieces the young Khmer people accomplished 2014

Year 2014 is nearly passed, There are many good things happened in the year 2014 especially the amazing from this young generation.

5- Young Sport woman SIV MEY won the Gold Medal 

Cambodian taekwondo champion Sorn Seavmey received a hero’s welcome when she returned home to Phnom Penh from South Korea on Sunday night with her country’s first ever Asian Games gold medal.
Ms. Seavmey defeated fighters from Uzbekistan, Iran and the Philippines to take the women’s under-73kg gold.
4- Top best 11 high school Student who with great "A"

Chan Pichet, Kampong Chnang
 This year the Education and Sport ministry has reformed the way of high school (Bacc II) final exams by tightening in every bad pictures during the exams such as corruption, dishonesty of student...and the result of the first time exams, there were not so many students passed their important exams. And there were only 11 students who received great "A". Other 10 students

3- Sor Seang Heng  who made the first Cartoon movie

 Recently this man also made another achievement by innovating a new masterpiece on Cartoon movies called "Shit man" in Khmer language. Even it is not so good but it is our proud of him.

2- Va Kora who made Chatomouk traffic Application 

Kora is no stranger to either information technology or commuter chaos. After receiving a master’s degree from the University of Electro-Communications in Tokyo, he spent two years working for Rakuten, Japan’s largest e-commerce website, where he developed a hotel booking system.
But he decided to quit his high-paying job in corporate Japan to start his own business back home. His app can be found in Apple play Store or Play Store.

1- The first Khmer Smartphone 

No name of the producers but we are proud of them who work hard to have this happened and has sold into the market.

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