Top 8 most attractive Islands in Cambodia

In this post I just would like to bring some of the most beautiful and attractive islands in Cambodia that can help to those who would like to spend your life on the islands. So here they are

8- Koh Thmey Island 
 Koh Thmei is part of the Ream National Park and is located 27 kilometres southeast of downtown Sihanoukville. The island itself is approximately eight kilometres long and seven kilometres at it's widest. At present there is only one accommodation option offered on the island, the Koh Thmei Resort and this is reached from Sihanoukville via a 50 minute road journey to Koh Kchhang Fishing Village followed by a one hour boat trip to the resort. The resort is located on the south of the island with views of Koh Ses and out to sea with activities including snorkelling on the reef located just offshore, kayaking and swimming. The abundance of wildlife provides great opportunities for bird-watchers including views of sea eagles fishing and pods of dolphins are regularly spotted swimming along the coast. The boat trip to the island can be booked directly through the resort and costs $ 12.50 picking you up from the pier at Koh Kchhang Fishing Village.

7- Koh Ta Khiev Island
 It's about 55 minutes in a fishing boat (15 minutes in a speedboat) to get to the island from Otres Beach, and there are several boat tours that stop on Koh Ta Kiev Island just for an hour or two for snorkeling and playing.

6- Koh Sangsa Island
Song Saa Private Island lies secluded in this magnificent seascape, just 35 minutes by boat from the port of Sihanoukville. Most of the islands remain undeveloped – deserted oases of virgin rainforests, tropical reefs and glistening white beaches.

5- Koh Rong Island
Koh Rong Cambodia(Khmer: also romanized as Kaôh Rōng or Kos Rong), is the second largest island of Cambodia. Located in Koh Kong Province about 25 kilometers off the Sihanoukville's coast in the Gulf of Thailand, the island has an area of approximately 78 kmand 43 km of beaches. Currently, there are four small villages and also home to more than a dozen guesthouses and bungalows, many of them foreign-owned.Koh Rong has had a land concession granted by the Cambodian government. The Royal Group has been granted a 99-year lease and has plans to build "Asia’s first environmentally planned resort island."The latest season of the French "Survivor" television program Koh Lanta was filmed on Koh Rong, near Soksan village.

4- Koh Russei Island
 Koh Ruessei or Bamboo Island is one of a group of small islands in the Gulf of Thailand located about 10 km off the coast of Sihanoukville city, in southern Cambodia. For many years, Koh Russei was remarkable only as a small naval outpost

3- Koh Tonsay Island
 Koh Thonsáy is a Cambodian island located off the south western coast of Cambodia. "Koh Thonsáy" means Rabbit Island, and it is located close to the mainland of Kep City

2- Koh Rong Samlon Island
 Koh Rong Samloem is an island off the coast of Sihanoukville, Cambodia, 4 kilometers south of Koh Rong island. It includes a large heart-shaped bay called Saracen Bay with shellfish cultivation and beaches on the north coast towards Koh Rong

1- Koh Tang Island
 Koh Tang is an island off the coast of Preah Sihanouk Province in the Gulf of Thailand. The island is approximately 52 km southwest off the coast of Cambodia. The inhabitants on the island are Cambodian military personnel

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