4 Pretty Cambodian Stars Shepherded by Their Father

All stars have different attraction and style, but what the most interesting about the 4 we found that they have their father going everywhere in their career life.

Here they are!
4- Preah Kay Chan (ព្រះកាយ ច័ន្ទ), an actress
Mr Dara, who is Preah Kay Chan's father has acted a little strange not just as father but also as mother. He is always been everywhere with his daughter and also the one who has given making up and changed clothes for his daughter. Preah Kay Chan seem to be very happy with her father's present as well she is not shy to change clothes in front of him too.

3- Linda (លីនដា), a singer in Sunday production
 She is one of many popular singers in Sunday Production who is skyrocketing, she is also shepherded and looked after closely by her father. By concerning about his daughter, he said "It is not time for him to let his beloved daughter to go everywhere alone, He would like to keep her safe.

2- Eva (អ៊ីវ៉ា), a singer in Sunday production
After her mother passed away in 2013, her father started to role play as mother who has gone everywhere with Eva. By the ways, her father's present isn't really warm for her as once her father broke her face nation wide by wanting to get marriage with a young woman even her mother just died not even a year.

1- Sok Pisey (សុខ​ ពិសី), a singer and an actress
After her mother passed away in 2008 by the car accident, her father became a main person who has been with her all the time. He has rolled play as the driver to take her everywhere that making some misunderstanding that He is her closed bodyguard.

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