6 world memorial events happened in October

There are many different big and memorial events have happened in the world that we could not count or remember from generation to generation both good and bad. In this post I just would like to take only the special and memorial events that happened just in October but in different years.

So below they are 6 events that happened in October!

6- On 23 October 1991
the parties disputed Khmer met in conference at the Paris, France signed a peace agreement ending the conflict, with 18 countries participating bruises signatory.

5- On October 28, 1886

US President Grover Cleveland attended a ceremony to receive Statue of Liberty from France, during the 100th anniversary of the US gain freedom

 4- On 29 October 1963 
16 European countries met in New Zealand Guide Switzerland  to establish a committee of Red Cross

3- on 22 October 1956
Suez Canal crisis (Suez Crisis) took place after Israel controlled Sinai maritime urged the Egyptian army to retreat to the Suez Canal.

2- On 30 October 1961 
The Soviet Union tested nuclear weapons Tsa Bomba on the island of Nova Ya Nigeria the Elijah in the Arctic Ocean, the nuclear weapons have a most powerful Among nuclear weapons that exploded past.

1- On 31 October 1984
Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi as the first woman in India to be her personal bodyguard assassinated caused the geopolitics of chaos throughout the country.

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