Top 8 most attractive places in Ratanakiri province, Cambodia

A mountainous region bordering Vietnam to the east and Laos to the north. Beautiful waterfalls, crystal rivers, virgin forests, and rolling hills make Ratanakiri a popular tourist destination. Unreached self-sufficient hill tribe communities are common- Ratanakiri is homd to most of Cambodia's ethnic minorities. Ban Lung, the provincial Capital, is quickly expanding with the influx of tourist and NGO dollars.

8- Yeak Loam Lake

Yeak Laom is located in Yeak Loam commune, Ban Loung district, about 5 kilometers south of Ban Loung provincial town. A lake in the middle of a mountain, it was formed many centuries ago from a volcano. The lake is about 800 meters in diameter and 48 meters deep during the dry season. The water is clear and suitable for swimming.

7- Ka Chhagn waterfalls

The Kachagn Waterfall is located on the Kontung Stream which flows into the Sre Pok River. The waterfall is 10 meters high and its pool is perfect for a swim.

At the bottom of the waterfall there is a space that is perfectly suitable for picnics. To reach it you need climb down some 72 steps wooden stairs

6- Ka Teang Falls

The Katieng Waterfall is located 7 kilometers northwest of Banlung in Ratanakiri Cambodia. The water drops over a rock shelf which allows you to climb all the way behind it.

It is easy to visit this waterfall if you are staying in Ban Lung, it is just an hour ride away. You can combine it with a visit to the Kachagn Waterfall.

5- Cha Ong waterfalls

It is in the forest in Cha Ong village, O'Chum commune, about 2 kilometers west of Ban Loung provincial town. It was given its name by the Kreung hill tribe living nearby.The waterfall gets its water from Phnom Eysei Patamak or Phnom Svay near Ban Loung provincial town. From its upper level, the water flows from a small canal before dropping 25 meters to a lower level. A mountain slop leads visitors to the bottom of the waterfall, where they can sit inside a cave and enjoy the view.

4- Veal Rum Plan (stone field)

It is a popular sightseeing destination in the vibrant province. Ratanakiri province is located in northeastern Cambodia. The word Ratanakiri is derived from the 2 Sanskrit words – Ratna which stands for gems and Giri which stands for mountains. The capital of the Ratanakiri province is Banlung. Countless tourists visit this place each year to experience the ecotourism, lush wildlife and remote tribal villages. The province is divided into 9 districts. You should visit the Veal Rum Plan (stone field), Ratanakiri for a memorable experience.

3- Eisey Patamak Mountain

At the top of Eisey Patamak Mountain also known as Phnom Svay in Ratanakiri is a large statue of a reclining Buddha; this buddha image was built in 1994. 

There are beautiful views of the jungle from Eisey Patamak Mountain, which is one of the highest points in the region; even during the hot period the temperatures on top of this mountain can be cool.

2- Ou'Chaloy River

Ou'Chaloy is one of the popular tourist attractions in Ratanakiri, which is located on the Sre Pok River from 34km southwest of Banlung. The only tourist recreation in Ou'Chaloy is during the dry season. The province of Ratanakiri lies in northeastern Cambodia with a plenty of picturesque tourist attractions. More and more Cambodia tour makers are drawn to visit this place every year by the remote tribal villages, lush wildlife and ecotourism. Most of the people here are ethnic minorities and the major occupation here is farming. It is no doubt that farming and tourism are the two major industries of the beautiful province.
1- O' Sing Lere (7 Layers waterfalls)

It is located in Ratanakiri province is an idyllic destination offering wonderful opportunities for eco-tourism. The area is covered by the emerald forest, The surrounding mountains a natural harmony of wildlife and birdsong.

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