Top 4 Best Candidates of The Voice Cambodia 2014

The Voice Cambodia TV show which has attracted many people around Cambodia to watch, just stepped to the last stage on November 16, 2014. In this stage we found the best 4 came to compete for the reward of  100,000,000 Riel that is equal 25,000 dollars US and the 2015 Honda dream motorbike and fully become new singer of Reaksmey Hang Meas Production. The one who was voted by sms, facebook like, and call by fans and audiences was Mr. Buth Seyha that was Mr. Sovannareach's teammate.

We also are proud for the 3 that were not voted to be the winner, but they are gone through many different stages and came to the last one.

4- Mr. Both Seyha (ប៊ុត​ សីហា)​ who won the reward of the Voice Cambodia

Song: Kmean Oun bang nov Chea Bang (Without you I am who I am) 
Home town: Kampong Speu province
បទ: គ្មានអូនបងនៅជាបង
ID Number: 2
លេខសម្គាល់: 2
3- Mr. Soy Ratanak (សយ រតនះ)
Home town: Kampong Chnang province
Song: Reoung Ngeay Te (Easy Thing)
បទ: រឿងងាយទេ
លេខសម្គាល់: 4
2- Mr Khun Vutha (ឃុន វុត្ថា)
Song: Oun som bang Bek bang som lea 
បទ: អូនសុំបែកបងសុំលា
លេខសម្គាល់: 1

1-Miss Chamreoun Sopheak (ចំរើន សុភ័ក្រ្ត)
Song: Sankea Behdoung
បទ: សង្គៀរបេះដូង
លេខសម្គាល់: 3 

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