Top 5 Free Apps are still best for iPhone

While everyone is going to be crazy about with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, the fact remains that we don't need Apple's latest apps are available for iPhone. These 5 free apps are still very popular for every iPhone users that can bring you time and time to enjoy their online life.

5- Inbox by Gmail

 It is redesigned the inbox to make email light, fast, and mobile-friendly. Quickly swipe messages to your archive or trash and scan entire conversations in a chat-like view. It's a whole new inbox.

4- Google Chrome 

It was just released from its beta chains and made tech news headlines when it was offered in Apple’s App Store a few days ago. The move was met with a huge response as the mobile version of the most popular browser in the world took just one day to be the most downloaded free app in its category. Then, came the avalanche of reports about Chrome being "a lot" slower than Safari probably due to Apple’s restriction of third-party apps to its Nitro JavaScript engine (which Safari runs on). And the fact that Safari is still the default browser ensures that you will still have to revert to Safari when using your Apple devices.

3- Instagram

 Share photo app Instagram is the most popular today. Since Instagram for Android was launched in early April, the download number is increasing sharply. Instagram itself was initially only created exclusively for Iphone users. Now instagram already connected to some other social media such as facebook and twitter.

2- Flipboard

 Like other new, high-profile apps.  Flipboard for the iPhone makes for a fantastic demo. It's what you want to show your mother to explain to her why she should get an iPhone. Its article-to-article and in-story navigation is at once highly unusual and intuitive (you "flip" pages up with your thumb, unlike the iPad version where you flip them to the side). Some of the transitions in the app have subtle effects that make this free app feel lush.

1- Amazon Mobile

It is the king of online shopping sites, so how does Amazon Mobile (Free) stack up against other iPhone shopping apps? With a number of neat features, the Amazon Mobile app makes it easy to shop for pretty much anything -- right from your iPhone.

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