Top 6 the most attractive tourist places in Kampong Chnang, Cambodia

The centrally situated Kampong Chnang province is an easygoing river town saturated with colonial architecture. Surrounded by picturesque Cambodian countryside and only 91 km from Phnom Penh, Kampong Chnang is  famed for it skilled potters, some of whom are itinerant and can be seen hawking their wares from ox-carts throughout Cambodia. Attractions include:

6- Rob Bat Mountain

Phnom Rob bat is a cultural and natural site located in An Doung Chhey district, Andoung Chhey commune, Rolear Paear, about 12 kilometers south of Kampong Chnnang provincial town.The site is features small, beatiful mountains and abundant fresh air. There is a footprint of the hermit Ta Prohm and a pagoda on the mountaintop, where Cambodians gather during festival days.

5- Sontouch Mountain

Phnom Santouch is a natural site located at Santouch village, Sre Thmei commune, Rolea Paear district, about 3 kilometers north of the provincial town. Points of the interest at this site include a large stone related to Khmer legend, beautiful scenery that is popular with photographers and filmmakers and a panoramic view of the Great Lake Tonle Sap. On the hilltop, there is an old Chinese temple, where visitors like to relaxe.If you are in the beautiful country of Cambodia to send a memorable vacation with your family and friends, then you must not miss to the Tourist Attractions in Kampong Chhnang. Phnom San Touch, Kampong Chhnang happens to be one of the most popular tourist sites in thecountry. The Phnom San Touch, Kampong Chhnang is noted for its uniqueness and scenic beauty.

4- Krang Romeas Mountain

 Phnom Krang Romeas is located in Sre Thmei and Svay Chrum communes, Rolea Paear district, about 2 kilometers from the provincial town. It is a natural site abundant in big trees and fresh air. Cambodians gather here during holidays, particularly Khmer New Year and Pchumben.Kampong Chhnang has many sightseeing attractions which are worth paying a visit. One of the celebrated tourist destinations of the town is the Phnom Krang Romeas, Kampong Chhnang. Tourists of all ages visit the Phnom Krang Romeas, Kampong Chhnang on a frequent basis.Phnom Krang Romeas, Kampong Chhnang is the popular natural resort of Cambodia.

3- Neang Kang Rey Mountain

Phnom Neang Kang Rey is about 14km (1h) from provincial town.It is Nature Wildlife Preserves, It is located in Trabek Village, Trangil Commune, KomPong Leng District. Among the major Tourist Attractions in Kampong Chhnang, the Phnom Neang Kang Rey, Kampong Chhnang is one of the most attractive and popular one. You will take about an hour to travel to Phnom Neang Kang Rey, Kampong. For the tourists and travelers, there are regular buses and cars available from all parts of Cambodia. Phnom Neang Kang Rey is a natural wildlife preserve.

2-  Kampong  Preah Temple

Prasat Kampong Preach is located at Wat kampong Preah, Chhnuk Tru Commune, Boribo District in eight-Kilometer distance from the provincial town.

1- Tonle Sap View

Tonle Sap view area is located in front of Phsar Krom, about 1 kilometer from the provincial town. The site includes many floating houses and fishing lots, where locals raise and catch fish. The site is popular among foreign visitors who want to learn about Cambodian fishermen and those people who live on the river. The Tonle Sap is a very large river, which at one point becomes as wide as a lake.

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