Top 8 Cambodian pence actress has the highest market in 2014

Young actress 8 pence higher market in 2014. 8 stars shilling gained through appearances in film shooting Spot and other activities in the field of art.

1- Duch Lida (ឌុច លីដា) seemed to have the highest market in 2014 because she was filming the movie "Sbek Kong" who spent nearly 80 thousand dollars. Apart from very well in this story, she is filming a movie distributed nearly 20 thousand dollars of production I Friend Entertainment. Another film she makes high market in 2014 was emerald elephant has completed already.


2-  Ny Monineath (នី មុនីនាថ
 An actress considered that the market remains high in 2014. Market because she has performed many films in this year's soul 7 days of production Rick Kids Media . Besides September but this piece at two more film ready aired on television upcoming young bride farmhouse Nhe feedback and former lover.

3- Dy Sonita (ឌី សូនីតា)  
 Radcliffe in 2014. Radcliffe because she was filming a movie to Rock's why. What makes the audience interested and noted she dared Erotic scenes. Apart from the film Miss Anita in many other films set out a series.

4- Pin Sodalis (ភិន សុដាលីស)  
Actress who her father is movies producer also has a high market - just like many other stars in 2014. She showed the film series have aired and are ready to be released. These films include incentives Child Buddy and wife dead light piece and prepared to screen later this year.

5- Sok Somavatey (សុខ សោម៉ាវត្តី)  
Apart from Radcliffe as host of the Bayon TV station, she also has a high market performance in 2014. However, married and had a child. Her film set out later this year as it's my treasure FDA Mega Film and shaker Okay that's 2 LD Picture Production . Apart from the two films above taxonomy Soma in other artistic activities have made her year's high market 2014.

 6- Nov Sonita (នៅ សុនីតា) 
 "Vindictive ex"is playing at CTN TV station made the actress and model has a high market compared with another stars recently in 2014. Apart from the film showing the presence of many other programs in art, making her more marketable high.

7- Saray Leakhna (សារ៉ាយ សក្ខណា)
Although previously announced stops from art to live with her husband in the United States and is still present incinema by appearing in the film. The simultaneous presence in cinema star market remain high in 2014. Two films believed to Sakana market remains high is something I love acting with Thailand and shaker ok that's 2 production LD Picture.

8- Chi Chi (ជីជី)
A Beautiful MC's CTN TV also markets high performance comparing with 7 pence above. The film have already been played in 2014 as "Arb wears helmet 2" and "Archa Bei Saas" of Rock production make markets September high for her

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