10 exercises can make you grow tall

Height is a problem for everyone, especially young men, because a low height, looks very handsome. Many factors that cause some people can not grow taller from hereditary problems, poor dietary habits, such as smoking, drinking alcohol and playing sports and exercise habits. For today Khmer Lot quoted an article from Health to demonstrate the exercises and the 10 sports categories can help grow tall as follows:

1. Swimming: Swimming fitness has many benefits for health and it also helps to grow tall and handsome, because when swimming, you will need to use the muscles of the whole body. For swimming, experts suggest that swimming should martial elongated frogs can help promote swimming, martial arts, you can use the muscles of the legs and arms, which can grow tall body higher.

2. Exercise and stretching: fitness and hands of such an exercise is easy and simple, but highly popular for desired height. The hands and takes place at the point where the body grow so easily causing the body to grow tall. This exercise can be done on a regular basis for at least 15 minutes a day, and two or more times a day.

3. Practicing yoga (yoga): Yoga exercises can also help pull the muscles of the body and tall. Yoga exercises you need to use the floor spread, and then you can apply to the abdomen and chest on the floor, then put forward and raised on the picture. Yoga exercise is more how you can get into yoga exercise classes.

4. Playing Basketball: Basketball is a game that can make all the muscles of the body movement and helps the elongated height. If you play basketball, you will need to jump high movement and growth factors can help promote. In addition to playing basketball also helps the blood to all places of the body as well.

5. Stretching and stand up straight

: To exercise this way, you need to stand up straight with your feet slightly separated, then you can try to bow down and touch toes. While lying on his back trying to keep a straight knee will not bend the knee, and this kind will help bend the spine that can help to grow tall.

6. Exercise using kicks: This implementation uses kicks movement removed from the exercise Taekwondo helps elongated height. Football is not just football. To grow tall with your feet stick to the ground and tried to use the foot forward and kicked the football without femur change direction.

7. Exercise by hanging: This is a really easy and is applied generally to grow tall. Clinging to hang yourself with your hands, hold high place can help to promote growth, and such an exercise can also help with muscle.

8. Jump rope: Jump robe also helps to grow too tall, you have to use the noose to jump, so you'll be able to move and can grow tall.

9. Exercise feet up: this may be a little harder because you have to exercise both legs up to your head and secure the foot, and you can also suspended him up next to the wall. You can do it slowly and it is also an exercise that can help an elongated height.

10. Swim ashore: This is a method of exercise such a benefit for you do not know how to swim, or you do not have time to swim can also grow tall. This exercise is easy, you can apply by simply laying down yourself by putting your stomach to the floor like a swim, and you can stretch one side higher than the other leg raised, while the other foot on the floor. You can change the left-hand and right foot or left foot and right hand every 5 minutes.

The exercise of these 10 could help elongation your height if you have tried to rehearse regularly and, along with having the best diet that is rich in vitamin and is located in the old can continue to grow, and in particular, avoid drink, cigarettes and alcohol too much too.


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