10 fastest high-speed trains in the world

World: The high-speed train dozens of species are produced and used in many developed countries due to train these types can be adapted to travel faster and faster and more comfortable. So in this post I would like to know the top 10 fastest in the world as below:

1. High-speed train in Shanghai:

Shanghai Maglev train is the fastest train in the world of electric-powered, ranking top among the fastest train others. The train has a maximum speed of up to 430 kilometers per hour and has a speed of 251 kilometers per hour. The train was first launched in 2004, running a distance of over 30 km. From Longyang Road Station to Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

2. Train Harmony CRH 380A:

Harmony CRH 380A train as the second fastest train in the world with a top speed of 380 kilometers per hour. The train is powered by electricity, such as the Shanghai Railway. Passenger launch in October 2010 from Beijing to Shanghai, China.

3. Trains AGV Italo:

The train is the first train in the subway series AGV, which launched in April 2012, with a maximum speed of 360 kilometers per hour. The train was considered the most modern train in Europe that can be run as a regular in Italy from Napoli, Roma and Milano Corridor.

4. train Velaro E:

The train system is a high-speed train in the world that has a speed of 350 kilometers per hour, and was launched in June 2007 in Spain on the way from Barcelona to Madrid.

5. train Talgo 350:

The train can run at a maximum speed of 350 kilometers per hour, the train opened in 2005 on the road from Madrid to Barcelona in Spain.

6. Trains ES Series Shinkansen Hayabusa:

The train was transporting guests since 2011 in Japan, which can run at a maximum speed of 320 kilometers per hour, which travel on the high-speed rail line Tohosk Shinukansen from Tokyo to Aomori. The train has a sound management system by reducing train noises and shake of the train.

7. Trains Alstom Euroduplex:

The train has been put into operation since December 2011, a train, a high-speed run in several countries in the European Union in a maximum speed of 320 kilometers per hour, it can accommodate passengers 1.020 people running on the rail from France, Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

8. Train TGV Duplex:

The train is a speeding train, which can have a maximum speed of 300 to 320 kilometers per hour, with seating for 512 passengers. The train route running between Paris and Marseille. This new French TGV trains more than 450 units open goal.

9. Train ETR 500 Frecciarossa:

The train was launched in 2008 to train speed is a maximum of 360 kilometers per hour and overall running speed of 300 km per hour. The train runs on the railway line from Rome to Milan, Italy. The train also has a temperature control system archiving audio and comfortable seating.

10. Trains THSR 700T:

The train was among high-speed trains, which run on the streets of Taipei and Kaohsiung in Taiwan. Speed rail travel in Taiwan in January 2007. The train can run at a speed of 300 kilometers per hour and travel between the two areas in just 90 minutes. The train consciously from the high-speed rail technology in Japan.

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