10 photos from Cambodia

In this post I really want to share life from Cambodia and all the pictures they are real. Hopefully everyone will enjoy the picture.

Sometimes, when you come to visit Cambodia, you all just plan to go only the cities or where a lot of people like going, but not many people would think about rural. So these picture they are all from the real life in the rural of Cambodia.

So let enjoy it!

10- It's just a funny picture

It was took in 2009 with a lovely pet

Just wanted to show that was funny to see pet traveled like that. This dog always goes with his owner everywhere with that way.
9- Rice Field View

Green paddy rice field
I really like this picture. You can look and feel wonderful it is. This is an small cottage for the farmer come to stay during their farm work in rainy season as picture 4 says.

8- Traditional rice farming in Cambodia

Farmer was doing their hard work
It was took in Siem Pang district of Stung Treng province, a northern province. It was closed to Lao. It is how its local people work on their paddy rice farm.

7-Water access in Rural Cambodia

Very happy to have well
This is an apart of Siem Pang too. Children looked so happy with new well that they never had before.

6- How poor people earn their living

Selling some  snack
This is the way some of poor people can make money for their living in Cambodia. They just hang some different kind of snack and carry on their shoulder and walk to sell everywhere.

5-Children's life in the Rural

Having fun to play
It was took while they gather to play. It was in Siem Pang too. They liked Camera, but also some of them were shy too. Great to see children smile.

4- Enjoying their transportation

Rural transportation
It was took when this family moved to stay at their paddy rice farm. This people usually go to stay at their farm during rainy season for a few months for their farm working and caring. After harvesting, they will be back home.

3- Selling food on the street

Selling fishes
This is the way of one tribal people do to earn money for their living too. They caught fishes from the river and took them to sell at main community in Siem Pang.

2-Mobile selling Kitchen stuffs on the motorbike

Kitchen stuffs sale
It is a popular way in Cambodia that some people people take this way to make their living. They can go and sell these stuffs everywhere.

1- Real Rural houses

Rural house
This is how some of rural family in Cambodia have houses for their life. It looks terrible, but they are enjoyed.

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