12 the most beautiful World Heritage Award for 2015

2015 draws closer, and so amazed to your eyes with beautiful World Heritage in presented to you. What is unique among the 12 cards of the World Heritage Angkor Wat as well as the Heritage of the Khmer people. Do not waste time, visit the following image:

1. Cambodia's Angkor Wat

2. The ancient city of Bagan Myanmar

3. Temple of Rock Sites of Cappadocia in Turkey

4. Temple in Hampi, India

5.  Machu Picchu temple

6. Temple Mon-Saint-Michel on the island's French

7. Temple of Petra in Jordan

8. Temple Pyramids Egypt

9. Temples of the Acropolis in Greece

10. Temple of Rapa Nui, Chile

11. Temple of Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

12. Tulum Temple, Mexico

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