5 most attraction tourist places in Pusat province, Cambodia

Pusat province is located in western Cambodia. Pusat town, the provincial capital, sits astride the Pusat river in the shadow of Phnom Kravanh mountain and near the Tonle Sap bank. Another thickly forested povince. Pusat has wildlife reserves under the protection of international conservation groups/ although logging still accounts for much of the local economy alongside marble mining.

Attractions include:

5- O' Da Rapids (Tek Choo)

'Da Rapids is a river picnic area that the locals head out to on weekends to have a swim and kick back for a while about 52 km from town. There are Thais and Khmers working on building a logging road to extract timber from the area, which is why the river is now accessible for the locals on a fairly good gravel road for much of the way. The location is not really something to write home about, but the ride out gives you a chance to see life in the pursat countryside. To get there, turn left (if coming from Phnom Penh) at the small Caltex station (same as going to the hill temple). Down the road, 27 km from the turn, you come to the town of Leach, follow the curve of the right. At 0.7 km past that, turn left you will then see a mountain ahead. At 52.5 km past the Caltex turn, you arrive at a gate with entry fees listed, although there was nobody there to collect when I visited. The fees are listed in Khmer script, from 500 riel to 5,000 riel, depending upon whether you had a motorcycle; car of just came with others. Go beyond the gate to find the river and picnic areas.

4- Neak Ta Khleang Meung Shrine

Neak Ta Khleang Moeang, Pursat is one of the famous tourist attractions in Pursat which attracts large number of visitors every year. It is one of the historical sites, which has great significance to the tourists. If you are a history aficionado and would like to explore the historical sites and places of cultural interests in Pursat in Cambodia then do visit the Neak Ta Khleang Moeang, Pursat.

3- Kampong Loung floating village

Floating Village of Lake Tonle Sap is heading east from Pursat town, about one-third of the way to Kampong Chhnang town is the town of Krakor. Just a few kilometers to the north are Lake Tonle Sap and the floating village of Kampong Loo-uhng. It?s a complete village on the water populated mostly by Vietnamese fishermen. You can arrange for a small non-motorized boat to show you.

2- Bak Tra Mountain and resort

The Bak Tra Resort, Pursat is a very popular destination in the area and it should not be missed. The beauty of the place will surely amaze you like none else. You can reach the Bak Tra Resort, Pursat with ease as there are numerous means of transport available and you can avail hem to reach this spot.

The Bak Tra Resort, Pursat is a natural resort that is worth paying a visit to. You need to travel for about 16 kilometers if you are staying at the provincial capital of Pursat. You need to take the Road Number 56 to reach the Kra Vanh District.

1- Luaing Trach Mountain

Luaing Trach is located in Lang Trach village, Svay Sa Commune, KraKor district, about 49 kilometers (1h:30mn) from Provincial Town. It is Nature & Wildlife Preserves.

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