7 most dangerous islands in the world

There are many islands around the world who want to visit the snorkel and some of the island but also as dangerous island. For this article, I will lead you to know the island of 7, which is considered as the largest island of the most dangerous in the world, as follows:

1. Islands Bikini Atoll Ocean Pacific: Although the island has been listed in the World Heritage List and tourists to visit, but the island of Bikini Atoll in the state of independent Marshall Islands is a place that has ever tested weapons of mass destruction nuclear, between 1946 and 1958. Following the announcement in 1987, which confirmed that the level of radiation on the island has been reduced, there are also people to live on the island again, also the island's still not safe because of the animals, crabs and biodiversity on the island, still poisonous, and the baby was born on the island, there is no shape enough crops grown on the island is not advised to eat it.

2. Island of Miyake-jima, Japan: The island is a small island, but it is a powerful volcanic island. The last volcanic eruption took place between 2000 and 2004 people live on the island until 2005, recently returned to the island. But since there is a volcanic eruption, the atmosphere on the island is filled with gas, sulfur people live on the island are oxygen mask almost all the time.

3. Island ilha de Queimada, Brazil:
The island Pos, which is located in the city Paulo, Brazil. This island was known to have snakes living almost everywhere there are about 2000 to 5000, most venomous snake in the world. Most of the snakes on the island attack the birds feed and the island will not allow passengers to walk, play and the ship docked on the island.

4. Ramree Island, Myanmar (Burma):
The island has the world record, which was attacked by the animal died, the most in history. The incident took place during World War 2 Japanese soldiers in a battle to defeat cunning enemy was forced to enter the territory saltwater crocodile caused more than 400 soldiers became crocodiles, leading considered the island's most dangerous island.

5. North Sentinel Island, Indian Ocean: the island's indigenous settlement of which is a group of people called the Sentinelese refused to work on the outside. Is believed that the last odd move does not modify the modern way of life, and this is not welcome strangers. In 2006, two fishermen who landed near the island were killed by indigenous people.

6. Rock Island Enewetak, Pacific Ocean: the island west Bikini Island, a rocky island big construction as a place to store the remnants of the nuclear tests. You live on the island, left, and the island was tested nuclear weapons 43 times between 1948 and 1958. And the island is dangerous because radiation levels are not influenced.

7. The island of Reunion, Indian Ocean: Reunion Island is an island rich in various shark species in the world. The island is a shark attack 12 times more than the last three years. Recently, the government has banned swimming and recreation on the island carefully to avoid shark attacks.


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