Top 10 Destinations rank on the rise World cities

Here are the top 10 list of the most popular cities where have been attractive to many tourists to go and visit. It is collected by the Trip advisor (Traveler's choice) from voting of the tourists around the world.

And we are proud of Cambodia that its one of the cites also included in this list and ranked in number 2 is Sihanouk ville.

10- Eilat city, Israel

Eilat is Israel's southernmost city, a busy port and popular resort located at the northern tip of the Red Sea, on the Gulf of Aqaba. Wikipedia

Area: 84.79 km²
Founded: 1951
Population: 47,800 (2010)
9- Manaus city, Brazil

Manaus, or Manáos before 1939, or Lugar de Barra do Rio Negro, is the capital city of the state of Amazonas in northern Brazil. It is situated at the confluence of the Negro and Solimões rivers. Wikipedia
Area: 11,401 km²
Weather: 28°C, Wind E at 6 km/h, 79% Humidity
Population: 1.793 million (2010)
8- Kazan, Russia

Kazan is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia. With a population of 1,143,535, it is the eighth most populous city in Russia. Kazan lies at the confluence of the Volga and Kazanka Rivers in European Russia. Wikipedia

Area: 515.8 km²
Weather: 1°C, 100% Humidity
Population: 1.144 million (2010)
7- Hurghada city, Egypt

Hurghada is a city in the Red Sea Governorate of Egypt. It is a main tourist center and third largest city in Egypt located on the Red Sea coast. Wikipedia

Weather: 20°C, Wind NW at 29 km/h, 49% Humidity

6- Naha city, Japan

Naha is the capital city of Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. As of December 2012, the city has an estimated population of 321,467 and a population density of 8,244.46 persons per km². The total area is 38.99 km². Wikipedia

Area: 38.99 km²
Weather: 16°C, Wind N at 29 km/h, 65% Humidity
Population: 315,954 (2010)
5- Bodrum city, Turky

Bodrum is a district and a port city in Muğla Province, in the southwestern Aegean Region of Turkey. Wikipedia

Area: 557 km²
Weather: 13°C, 84% Humidity
4- Ao nang city, Thailand

Ao Nang is a small resort town and subdistrict in Thailand. Wikipedia

Weather: 23°C, Wind 0 km/h, 93% Humidity
3- Limassol city, Cyprus

Limassol or Lemesos is a city on the southern coast of Cyprus and capital of the eponymous district. Limassol is the second largest city in Cyprus, with an urban population of 160,000-176,700. Wikipedia
Area: 34.87 km²
Weather: 16°C, 72% Humidity
2- Sihanouk ville, Cambodia

Sihanoukville Province, is a province in the south-west of Cambodia at the Gulf of Thailand. The provincial capital, also called Sihanoukville, is a deep-water port city, the country's premier tourist ... Wikipedia

Area: 868 km²
1- Da Nang city, Vietnam

Đà Nẵng is one of the major port cities in Vietnam and the biggest city on the South Central Coast of Vietnam; the city is situated on the coast of the South China Sea, at the opening end of the Hàn River. Wikipedia

Area: 1,256 km²
Weather: 20°C, Wind NE at 14 km/h, 94% Humidity
Population: 926,000 (2010)

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