Top 10 the largest ancient city of the world

In the world, is a city where many archaeological and historical sites of interest should want to visit and want to know the history of the region. Today Khmer loads to be number 10 is considered a great and ancient city where Wonder the world you know the following:
1. Ancient city of Çatalhöyük (Turkey, 7500 BC.):

Lowlands in Konya in Turkey, is an ancient city is known as a city of more than 10,000 people live as long since 7,500 years BC. The city is home to the floor like a beehive, because the house was built to connect while the roof was a road and between ports in the same house where room and indoor activities.

2. Ancient city of Caral (Peru 3,000 BC.)

This ancient city was created by long civilization of the first people in the territories across Africa in the Norte Chico region in Peru. Today, the historian said Caral Empire as a city. Their ancient city is considered an effective illusion. In the city of Caral pyramid temples 6 places and the people in this city also has a rich cultural and enforcing the agricultural sector.

3. Sigiriya rock (Sri Lanka in 495 AD.)

 Ancient city of Sigiriya is a great city that has built up on a large rock, top, up to 200 meters. The city is located in Matale, Sri Lanka, and the city also has been studied by experts trying to find out the mystery of where history professor. The city has begun construction since the 5th century, which turned the big rock to become a fortress and palace the king's royal parks in King Kashyapa (Kassapa) using techniques great city.

4. Ancient city Shimao (China 2000 BC.)

Shimao ancient city with a size up to 4 square kilometers, is located in the northern plateau Loess is located 20 kilometers from the Yellow River in Shaanxi province has built since 2,000 years before Christ.. The city was first discovered in 1976, followed in 2011, a team of archaeologists has found a stone wall to keep the original format People's Palace and stone buildings and other structures in the city.

5. Cahokia (US 800 AD.):

The ancient city of Cahokia, located in Collinsville, which is known as the displacement of more than 20,000 people are up to 1,600 acres. The city is also a place where Americans for worship. In that city, there is something bizarre NZ is as much as 100 income and higher income, up to 30 meters in that time.

6. The largest city of the ancient city of Angkor (Cambodia, 1113 AD.)

Angkor British Empire Khmer ancient great city and the largest in the world in ancient times, which is building that Suryavarman 2 From 1113 to 1150 AD., With built Angkor Wat as the point of the city center and a construction religion largest in the world, which only Khmer built construction Religion large like this in history, and there are many temples in the city. In addition, the city of Angkor are known to have more than 1 million people living with a communications system of agricultural irrigation systems could well satisfy the city's population live easily.

7. Ancient city of Nan Madol (island of Micronesia):

This is a city that was built on the island and is the ancient city one constructed by reefs that total region that took place, there are up to 75 acres, but none of the dates of the time for which the city was built, and how the people back then took the reef together build a more nhchom the city. The wall has a height of up to 15 meters long and 5 meters thick each stone weighs nearly 5 tons.

8. Shahr-i Sokhta (Iran 3,200 BC.):

The city is located near Zabol in the western province of Sistan-Baluchestan, which the city where ancient history, prosperous, and the big one in the Middle East is located in Iran, which has been known that the city is the city of the civilized empire ancient one that built since 3,200 BC. White. But the city is also known as the city was burned perched up to 3 times and then rebuilt after being burned for the last time in the year 1800 BC..

9. Underground city Ani (Armenia, 3,000 BC.):

In the underground world of Ani is an ancient city located in Armenia, which has been in existence for nearly 5,000 years, it is located near the river Akhuryan. Ani is the most famous city compared to other ancient cities in Armenia. The city was known to have Christian Church 1001, but hundreds of churches were Jericho destroyed up to now, and the city was first discovered in 1880.

10. Ancient city of Mohenjo Daro (Pakistan 2,600 BC.):

Ancient city of Mohenjo Daro nearly 5,000 years old, this is the only city in the world that can remain shape metal, which was built in the era. In that archaeologists have discovered what was expected in the city, an old, this is home, making bricks, many in the city, there is a bathroom and toilet as well, and even have a system dirty and there was construction of wells for water supply used. In the city, archaeologists that there may be more than 4.0000.

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