10 the best keys to help you lose weight in a week

Do you want to have a spherical shape? If you are obese, it will be difficult to move, especially wearing cloths that are small. How would you solve this problem? Are you going to buy drugs to lose weight, right? Please note that the use of drugs is not good for your health, it is important to understand the following tips to help you naturally:

1. Reducing calories: cut your calories in at least half the 3 or 4 of the daily calorie consumption.

2. Drinking lots of water: Water is the most important one for body and your weight loss. Please drink it a lot every time. Usually drink from 4-5 liters per day.

3. Do not deprive yourself when eating time: this can't help to lose weight, because otherwise you will increasingly hungry before it's time to eat again, you will be much more than before.

4. Exercise every day: when you exercise regularly after getting up so that your body starts to burn calories, and you do not need to go to gym or exercise place, but you can exercise at home

 5. Do not drink beverages containing gas (bubbles): such as cola, soda, ... because it can make you fat

6. Eat fruits instead of food: fruits and vegetables instead of snacks and meals you eat normally

7. Reduce eating: Do not eat too much

8. Eat After Exercise:
pre-prepared food to eat after the rest of the gym or exercise. If the gym every morning, eat breakfast after exercise.

9. Avoid snacks: After eating, do not eat something outside to avoid weight gain.

10. Avoid foods that contain oil, avocados: adaptations, because it can make you gain weight.

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