3 great thing at the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2015

Consumer Electronics Show held annually in Las Vegas, United States, and this year was held from 6 to 9 January actually completed smoothly and in participants' feelings of amazed because there are new products, modern. Among the products that displayed, most of the smartphone tablet computer gaming tools for modern Flash Drive. But what is rarely seen, and also get a very interesting is the 3 following:

1) Sling TV: TV sector develop more modern and current, they observed that the excess of the purchase using the TV at home today, they use the computer to watch TV directly, with just an internet connection is ready. At CES 2015, the newly completed development company Dish Network Sling TV entertainment service with offers national TV (US) 10 channels with service fee of $ 20 / month.

2) Gogoro: Electric motors Soooter Gogoro model was developed to be more intelligent spotlighted at CES 2015. This motorcycle looks pretty spunky updates with the battery charger for the energy sources used for riding forward without need to use the leg swinging. Gogoro motorcycle ride gives you options when you ride the lazy or tired you do not want to use force displacement electric.

3) Self-driving cars: a test on automatic car driving at CES 2015. Public boarded Self-driving cars exclaimed really great modern technology such possibilities. Automatic functions to develop and improve on a few more points to ensure the safety of passengers. Currently the company is producing automatic car driving, such as: Google, Nissan, Audi, Ford ....

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