4 thing's new in Battambang province, Cambodia

Many say Battambang is a sleepy town but lately it feels like lots of new things are happening in town! I went recently to visit Battambang town and I saw a lot of thing new in this province. Many people said that these are thanks to the new Governor of Battambang, who started his mission here in January 2014, after having served in Siem Reap Province as Governor.

Below are the 4 new things I found when I visited in the beginning of 2015

1- Pub Street

If you have been to Siem Reap, you probably have also been to Pub Street there. Mind you, Pub Street in Battambang is nothing like that of Siem Reap, at least right now. Pub Street here, or Walking Street, as some call it, is currently not completely composed of restaurants and bars specifically catering to tourists, unlike in Siem Reap. It does have a handful of restaurants that serve both Cambodian and Western dishes with English menu and English speaking staff, but still the street has far more local businesses set up to cater primarily local clienteles. In the evening, some shops set up stalls to sell some food on the street and I always see lots of locals taking advantage of these food stands after dark!

2- New Street signs

Now most of the streets in town have the green metal street name signs on the side, and this is especially useful for tourists.

3- Various exercise equipment and children play grounds

The recent new addition to town’s public space is various exercise and playground equipment in the park along the river on St 1.They also put new benches along the exercise space to accommodate more people gathering around the area in the morning and in the evening. Now we have been seeing an increase in the people hanging about by the river in the evening, and this has brought lots of street vendors to the area. You can buy things like popcorn, fried corn, cotton candy, fish

4- Night market and bunch of food canteen 

Close to this exercise/play ground area, now a night market has popped up! It is at the east side of Psar Nath market. I found vendors selling clothes, bags, toys, and of course food. You can grab hot food like fried noodles, fried rice, noodle with soup, etc. One vendor sells ice cream as well. Even before this night market appeared, there were food vendors just across the street from here. But with this new addition, the area looks very lively and attracts lots of people, including tourists. It would be interesting to see what the riverside might look like a few years down the road. Hopefully Battambang will maintain its tranquil, authentic, non-touristy charm for decades to come.

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