6 another tourist area of Phnom Kulen Resort, Cambodia

Phnom Kulen is located north-east of Siem Reap town is located 53 km from the Mountain ProvinceThis altitude 492 meters, they can climb the mountain easily follow the car or pedestrian when we arrived at the foot we see boulders seem walls of a big vessel in the middle of the wilderness highlighted by live manipulation and concealed the secret is considerable recent former Angkor period, the resort one of the many resorts in Siem Reap.

Today because of the country get adequate peace, stability and security  and that the resort Phnom Kulen welcomed a lot of visitors nationally and internationally every day, and there were people from near and distant settlement business, agriculture, with many more. There are many different natural and historical resorts at the Phnom Kolen area, such as waterfalls, large statue, fields of King Lum Kong, the body field, Preah Kral, Sampov thleay and has a mini temples made of bricks, which is the reputation of introducing products workmanship of King Jayavarman 2. Areas of Phnom Kulen is not just a tourist but it is a regional agriculture fertile arable all kinds such as bananas - jackfruit - potatoes - purple. Etc with high product.
Fine Arts Reap 2nd 1st 2000.

Waterfall: Siem Reap is the origin of the river passes through the center of town towards the Tonle Sap lake with very clear water. Near the waterfall decline there are 2 Temples made of laterite bricks built a long side of the stream called "Kral Romeas" But at the west some stones were collapsed and disappeared for large numbers and leaving only a bit cornerstones wall.

Elephant Pond: The pond is 150 meters long and 70 meters wide, 3 meters deep, with the elephant, bull, frog scultures that were hewn out of the rock.

Fields King Lum Kong: Older people always proclaimed that the King fasting drugs because there was the drug pots and other evidence countless, it is a pavement by large rock, and the center, there are streams flowing through each pool 1 for a few people to sit and other pool only for a person can go down.

Field body: There is a huge field pavement by smooth rock with a small wooden roof temple, built around the 19th century.

Preah Kral: there is 2 large stones with a 6 x 5 statues lying together talking about people's livelihoods, and another illusion of lying stome hewn 5 people only half over head.

Sampov Theay (Ship leaked): a classic look oddly remote. Older people always proclaimed Chinese king who sent treasures to Khmer kings by ships and ship leaked out there. The shape of the ship is 1 km long and 70 me 70 meters tall, there are many other temples too there. There water seeped out of the ground, but not hot, and statues as a huge penis and Vishnu in the bottom of the river.

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