6 pictures from Cambodia that make fun mixed with tears

Your heart will jump about the following aspects? In fact, when you see this few images, you will have the compassion to people with disabilities that they try efforts any actions to their families, "paralyzed limbs exists! disabilities, but heart is not." While the picture below shows the fun to celebrate the occasion of the traditional Khmer New year festival coming soon.

1. Grandmother really pitiful. Her children did not know what was going all along that he was struggling with life alone. All children should take care of parents.

2. Despite his disability by reason, whatever the state of his heart really made us a great pity.

3. You have a new car. She did not have the same luck. But the attention of the parents, or however it's warm.

4. Although disabled to work for a dignified life. Let everyone gives courage to all people with disabilities.

5. They have no car, no horse cart ride. Only this strange dog cart.

6. A few months into Khmer New Year, please enjoy this entertainment picture, and please help maintain a traditional Khmer.

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