8 best benefits of 5 minutes jogging exercise every day

We all know that exercise is important for the health benefits. But there are many different perceptions of time for daily exercise to benefit better health. However, finding a new research has shown that even a run 5 minutes each day can also provide enormous benefits to the health as described below:

1. Reduce the chance to face heart and lungs disease: lung problems, heart disease, and devastating disease that has killed many people. Which, according to a study published by the American University Cardiology study of 55,000 adults accustomed to exercise more than 15 years, has a good heart and lung health. It also confirmed that regular exercise can run from 5 minutes to reduce the rate of reaching the heart and lungs half.

2. Reduce the risk of death:
study intact above also found that people who exercise less than 50 minutes each week can reduce the reach of death from disease, many types until a third compared to those never run exercise at all. The study confirmed that running from 5 to 10 minutes of exercise every day, or 15 to 30 minutes a day, a weekend, can help reduce the risk of death.

3. Could last longer than 3 years:
Running exercise at least 5 minutes every day will not only reduce the risk of death, but also can increase up to beichhnatiet. The study of 55,000 participants above also found that regular exercise can live long, 3 more years. Therefore, exercise can add you to live more than 800 days.

4. Make your blood pressure goes well:
An article published in the journal Health European Journal of Preventative Cardiology published that researchers showed study health problems that run regular exercise will make your heart much better, and the movement of the blood pressure in the body also good. Good health, blood pressure may reduce the risk of causing a heart attack and stroke.

5. Reduce sugar in the body: when you eat too much sugar can cause a variety of ailments, including diabetes, the most alarming. The report said that annually there are Americans 71.000 people have diabetes, and in which, according to research from the Institute of Medicine, The Kowsar US suggest that exercise by running routine can also help reduce the quantity of sugar in the blood of people who happen diabetes already have it.

6. Feel good: not only physical health, but it also provides benefits to the mental health and feeling. The scientists found and run support really makes it feel fresh. A test run for at least 5 minutes every morning, it can also make you feel good or feel fresh all day.

7. To sleep well:
According to an article in the journal Adolescent Health study in 2012, was taken on the morning exercise show that running exercise every morning can lead to a better nights sleep in healthy young people.

8. Intelligent brain:
according to a study published by the journal Journal of Psychiatry suggests that regular exercise can improve many roles in the brain, which can reduce the alarming study. Thus, most school students to try to exercise the morning practice to a healthy mind and body together.

8 points above the benefits of regular exercise, even if only 5 minutes is also useful to obtain health. So you should try to combine exercise into your daily activities.

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