4 the best fruits to be useful for stomach upset

Fruit seems indispensable in the daily diet, but when you stomach upset or problem, do you find any  kind of fruit to be useful for it?

Here are the 4 the most useful for helping your stomach upset: 

1- Bananas 
Contrary to the confusion of many, in fact, banana is a very helpful fruit to those who has intestinal disease, because it helps digest. Experts considered, eating  one banana a day, will help increase the "energy" for the digestive system. In some countries such as India, recipe of making bread at home are added bananas.

2- Apple
Apple fruit is full of nutrients and  effectively pushed back the growth of harmful bacteria in the intestines. But should only eat one apple a day, eating too much will make you cannot easily fart, the reverse effect.

3- Papaya
Ripe papaya regular effectively stimulates the digestive system, reduce symptoms of difficulty to melt or effective treatment for constipation. Enzyme Papain and Chymopapair in papaya can help fast absorbing protein and helps the stomach relieved by promoting the formation of acid.

4- Coconut
Coconut is a 2nd Sort pure liquid substance after water. Coconut water helps to reduce the problem of urinate system and debris gut bacteria.

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