7 the most famous Khmer authors during French colonialism

Here I bring you another 7 famous Khmer author in French colonialism time. As you know Cambodia used to be under French control about a century, and many hardships happened to Khmer from this regime, but praised that we still have famous people raised up during that time. So I would like to bring them to you all!


7- ព្រះធម្មបញ្ញា អ៊ុក ( Preah Thormah Uk)
He wrote a famous novel named "Moranak Meada" (មរណៈមាតា) in 1877 and this novel was also produced as movie. Thailand also have this kind of movie.

6- បវរភក្ដីព្រហ្ម (Bovor Pheakdei Brumah)
He wrote a famous novel called "Pothivong" (ពោធិវង្ស)​ in 1881

5- ឃុនសុន្ធរពិនិត្យ (Khun Sunthr Pinity)
He wrote a novel named "Chao Meas" (ចៅមាស)​ in 1887

4- ឧកញ៉ា វង្សាធិបតី​អ៊ុក (Oknha Vongsa thibadei Uk)
He wrote a Basac Novel named "Sang Sarchey" (សង្ខសិល្បជ័យ)​ in 1882


3- ម៉ឺន ភក្ដីអក្សរ តន់ (Meun Pheakdei Ahsor Ton)
He wrote a novel called "Sob Sith" (សព្វសិទ្ធ) in 1899

2- លោក​យស ងិន (Mr Yous Ngin)
He wrote a story of "Chao soturb Chek or Banana sterm boy" (ចៅស្រទបចេក)​ in 19.. not sure about the date.

1- វិសេស ដង (Vises Dorng)
He wrote "Sarika poem" (ល្បើក សារិកា)​ in not exactly date 19...

Note: We sorry about the their names in English, they can be not a right spell, because their name even it is hard in Khmer.

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