8 the most famous Angkorian author

There are not so many online documentation left for all these great Angkorean Author even the picture of them could not find too. 

These people were considered the most famous writers during this era, so I would like to bring these to you and is just as a knowledge from the past 

Here they are:
1. Dr.
Pandita Civasoma (ស៊ីវ​ សោម)

(Are found from inscription of Kandoal Deum temple) during king Indrah Varman,  reference between AD 877 to 889

2. Dr. Yati Amara Bhava (យតិអមរភាវៈ)
(Are found from inscription of Phnom Bayong mountain) in King Yahsovarman royalty, reference between AD 899 to 908  

3. Dr. Divakra (ទិវាករ)
(Are found from inscription of Kampis temple) King Reachandra Varman, reference between AD 944 to 968  

4. Dr. Bhopendra (ភូបន្រ្ទ)

(Are found from inscription of Sator temple) in King Chey Varman 7 royalty, between AD 1090 and 1109  

5. Dr. Kavindra (កវិន្រ្ទ)
(Are found from inscription of Khnar temple) in King Suryavarman royalty between AD 1002 and 1049  

6. Princess Indradevi​ (ឥន្រ្ទទេវី)
(inscription from brasat vimeanakeas temple) she was a wife of Khmer King Jayavarman 7, between AD 1090 and 1109 

7- Dr. Yogisvara (យោគីស្វរ)
he was a teacher of King Suryavarman 1 (1002-1049). He wrote the inscription at the Takao Temple (Siem Reap) at Gopura outside of the southern gate of the main gate of the inner east.

8- Dr. Civacarya (សិវាចារ្យ)
He was an inspectors dominated artistic culture reign of Jayavarman 5 (668-1002) and Suryavarman 1 (1002-1049).  

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