Beoung Yeak Loam Lake is one of the 15 most beautiful lakes in the world

Giant lake of Yeak Loam is a popular resort in Ratanakiri province, there are many local and foreign guests visiting recreational swimming and playing happily.

Lake Yeak Loam located in Ban Lung, Ratanakiri ranks as the most beautiful lake among the 15 lakes the world assessed by Earthporm webpage. Giant lake resort besieged untouched nature which were caused by the eruption, since hundreds of years ago. Lake Yeak Loam looks eye offing side forest grows a shade for entertainment and exhibition area lush wooded hills, clear cold water can hardly reflect the visitor does not want to fail.

Lake Resort giant siege, about 9 km from the ancient times, which is the heart of the province. The lake has a bachelor meters 2612 meters, a diameter of 800 meters and a depth of 50 meters.

Here is the rank of the 15 most beautiful lakes in the world:
1. Lake Mount Mazama
Lake Mount Mazama in Oregon, USA is the deepest lake in the United States, has a depth of approximately 594 meters.

2. Lake Albertine Rift
Lake Albertine Rift in Africa.

3. Lake Mount Pinabuto
Mount Pinabuto lake in the Philippines, with a depth of 600 meters.

4. Lake Quilotoa
Lake Quilotoa in Ecuador depth of 249 meters.

5. Lake Kelimutu
Lake Kelimutu in Indonesia.

6. Heaven Lake
Heaven Lake, North Korea has a depth of 384 meters.

7. Lake Licancabur
Lake Licancabur in Chile has a depth of 1 meter.

8. Lake Main Crater Lake at Vulcan Point
Lake Main Crater Lake at Vulcan Point is located in the Philippines.

9. Lake Mount Katmai
Lake of Mount Katmai in Alaska, USA.

10. Lake Viti Geothermal
Viti Geothermal lake in protein slang.

11. Lake Kerid
Lake Kerid protein slang.

12. Lake Yeak Loam
Siloam giant lake in the province, the country has a depth of 50 meters.

13. Lake Deriba
Deriba lake in Sudan.

14. Lake Mount Ruapehu
Lake of Mount Ruapehu in New Zealand, New Zealand.

15 Lake Okama
Okama lake in Japan.

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