top 10 the best technology companies, where is a good choice for your job in 2015.

According to the report of Glassdoor, a data management job interview and wages of labor, said there are top 10 list of the best places to work are reported that you can consider to share your technology skill and get high paid from them.

So check them out

1. Google, a top most popular technology

 2.  F5 Networks, a social media Networks

3. Facebook company
Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg knows how to keep employees happy, by offering a room for playing video games and free egg freezing room for female employees

4. Qualcomm, a communication company 

It always has won praise for its professional culture. Just this year, the company has been cited as one of the high-tech evaluation

5. Adobe company

It is a software company that provided programs such as Photoshop, InDesign ... Adobe company cares very much for their employees. The staff there to share knowledge with one another and help each other well too.

6. MathWorks company

It is a mathematical software company, a company that is very closely work together with the staff. The staff who work there have the opportunity to receive leadership roles in their life.

7. Apple company

It is a company with the most sophisticated products, and many people are using, such as iPhone, Mac Book, iPad, iPod ... here where deep knowledge of information science

8. LinkedIn 
It is a company provides social network, relating to the business and jobs. The company provides free food and there are a lot of Events training that staff can easily develop professionally

9. Zillow 

It is a real estate data company, and really pay attention to the staff who work as a smart team with their work

10. Mindbody

It is a company, to help small-scale business. If you work there, you will get many benefits, such as: monthly health insurance card. CEO is an inspiration and vision person.

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