10 behaviors you can make a difference to the preservation of Cambodian's heritage, Angkor Wat temple!

The number of tourists visiting Angkor Wat each  year is dramatically increasing. This phenomenon is quite recent and so are its destructive impacts. So your behavior can make difference to the preservation of this precious world heritage lasts longer.

So, as yo come to visit, we give you 10 things you should respond

1- Accept the restrictions placed on the temple complex (e.g. do not touch, do not photograph, do not enter).
2- Avoid touching as every small touch becomes harmful when respected by 1000 people everyday
3- Wear appropriate footwear and avoid high heels and studded soles.
4- Mind your backpack as you could brush up against the walls and damage the carvings and bas-reliefs.
5- Avoid climbing unnecessarily on the statues and monuments. If you must take a photo on  top of a monument, be selective   and choose to climb one rather than 10.

6- Stop graffiti and resist the temptation to scribble your name of draw on the monument.
7- Admire from afar. If every visitor to Angkor Wat wanted to take home a piece of the temples as a souvenir, the temples would quickly disappear forever.
8- Shop responsibly. Beware of buying objects of unknown origin. The looting of archaeological sites results in the loss of signification social and cultural treasures, and robs the Cambodian people of their history.
9- Don't litter. Take your rubbish with you.
10- Respect silence an other people. The temple complex brings different experiences to different people. Allow other visitors to experience the peace and beauty of the temple.

Source from: the International Center for the study of the Preservation and Restoration of Culture Property

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