10 great original Khmer songs by Miss Laura Mam

Miss Laura Mam is known as a Khmer-oversea singer and famous for her own original songs writing lyrics and sung by herself.
Since 2010, this young talent Cambodian song writer and signer Laura Mam, has produced many successes through original songs writing that have been attractive many fans and supporters both in Cambodia and oversea


What are the special about her?

First of all, all her works are original Khmer songs, composed and sang by herself.

Secondly, she created a lot of beautiful things. She adds the value of our Khmer culture into her music. Like this latest song, Yosop Yulsong, it’s a purely creative work. Beautiful, nice and relax.

So let be one supporter of her that can encourage her to do more good things with her talent.

Here are here the top 10 songs so far

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