14 secret hotels, the great places for your holiday break

In fact, a person no matter how busy he/she is, they can still have a break from work. After all, these 14 hotels are unique and natural that are located in India, you should go to relax in your spare time:
1. The Porcupine Castle, Coorg

This is the best place for you to eliminate all tiredness. The Porcupine Castle natural scenery and fresh air that will keep you captivated and do not want to come back.

2. Elephant Valley Eco Farm, Kodaikanal

It is spread over an area of approximately 100 acres on the Palni Hills of Tamil Nadu. Elephant Valley will make visitors who love nature very satisfied because you can try to sleep on the trees and see rare birds nearby. If you ever wanted to stay on the tree house can come here to get the best experience unforgettable.

3. Hotel Tranquility, Darjeeling 

Hotel Tranquilty located on higher ground, which could see the beautiful scenery of the vast mountain Mt Kanchenjunga. Scenic view from the roof of the hotel even more beautiful.

4. Mountain Trail, Uttarakhand

Mountain Trail is a paradise for those who love nature. By Jim Corbett National Park, also nearby Mountain Trail is the best choice for your trip.

5. Vythiri Resort, Wayanad 

Vythiri Resort is the best place to escape the stress of city life. Because the hotel is located amidst the Rain Forest just make it a place where people should go explore.

6. Kaama Kethna Ecological Village, Goa

Kaama Kethna Village is a charming place that makes people got there want to stay longer. Method of exercise like Ghana and meditation will make you become the person feel more calm.

7. Rawla Camp Retreat, Jaisalmer

If you wish to visit the desert here, and that is where you should go. It is located in Jaisalmer Rajasthan state, India. There you will be sleeping in tents and travel by camel ride.

8. Thonsal, Leh 
If you want to separate it from the world to Thongsal. Because Thongsal isolated areas with no electricity and Wifi for you to test your Notwithstanding live isolated from others. Further more there are regional dishes that make you want to stay.

9. The Hidden Forest, Sikkim 
North-East of India is one of the rare people arrived, however, you will deeply impress the beautiful scenery and the beauty rites there. It is located at a height of 4500 feet from the sea. Hidden Forest can help you to eliminate those concerns when you arrive.

10. Coconut Lagoon, Kerala 
Coconut Lagoon expresses the cultural and natural beauty of Kerala. For those who have just arrived here at the first time, you will feel better because of the light shining glistening from the surface of the water that is in the back and a beautiful butterfly.

11. Hotel Heevan, Phalgam 

Because it is located on the banks of River Lidder Heevan is the place where they first think of the other hotels in Pahalgam.

12. The Pink House, Mcleodganj

It is located in Mcleodganj. The Pink House Hotel, affordable and lets you stay well away from the most boring city.

13. Aamod, Dalhousie 
Aamod is the best hotel in the valley, and it's the closest to nature. The hotel will allow us to see the beautiful scenery from the top of the Pir Panjal mountain range covered by snow.

14. Tree House Hideaway, Bandhavgarh

Serene wooden house made us overlook that it is in Bandhavgarh National Park is the country's largest tiger. If you want to live in the forest, here's where you should visit.

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