2 places to visit while staying another day in Kampot, Cambodia

Here are things you can do and visit while you can stay another day in Kampot province. Kampot has many tourist attraction sites, and if you do this a day during your visit in Kampot, it will be show your part in helping, and enhancing to those people in Cambodian's society. So you will be happy when you do it.

1- Epic Art Cafe
The work of Epic Art aim to change people's attitudes towards disability, encouraging the belief that every person is counted. It uses performance as a key mean to encourage the general community to involve disabled people in the arts and other areas of work, and to view them as valued members of society.

What can you experience?
  • If you happen to be taking a trip up Bokor Mountain in Kampot, make sure you drop by the Epic Art Cafe. It is a good rest stop to enjoy delicious homemade cakes and brownies, bagels, lunch snacks and fruit shake.
  • Chat to  its friendly staff, read about its work and even learn some sign language.
  • Purchase some of the homemade cards and other handicrafts made by the deaf and disabled members of the community that are on display at the cafe.
  • Profits from the cafe and handicrafts go toward to the project and individual producers
  • If you have any skills in art and craft and would be interested in helping you can do as well

More information: www.epicarts.org.uk

2- Teang Tnaut association

Teang tnaut means sugar palm leaf in Khmer. The sugar palm tree is typical of the Cambodian lowland rice field landscape, and is used for many things including house construction, thatch for roofs...

Its goal is to encourage innovative and locally appropriate ideas to resolve infrastructure and housing issues in urban and semi-urban areas. These communities play an integral role in the functioning of Cambodia's towns, providing skilled construction labor, motodops, street cleaners and many other services....

What can you experience?
  • Come and get involved in some of the projects, so you can help families or individual faced with severe illness or deprivation with much-needed housing repairs. Find out how your a day can be impact to those people.
  • Donate to its "community fund" which goes directly to community infrastructure projects. It can be from 40 $ US
  • Take a rest, enjoy a snack or buy some gifts from the Epic Art Cafe in Kampot.  
  • More information: www.teangtnaut.org

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