2 places to visit while staying another day in Sihanouk Ville, Cambodia

Sihanouk Ville has known by its beautiful beaches and there are many best naturally Islands that you can enjoy your time while visiting this land. Most of tourists come to Sihanouk Ville just because they want to do thing at the beaches, Islands or nightlife. Below just the places I would like to encourage you just stay another day in Sihanouk Ville and pay a little impact for Cambodian people by your visiting places below and you will remember and enjoy what you did!

Here they are!

1- Mlop Tapang
Mlop in Khmer means shadow or protection. Tapang is the name of a tree that provides shelter and protection, under which homeless children in Sihanouk Ville used to seek refuge at night. So it's fitting that a charity dedicated to reintegrating street children back into society is called Mlop Tapang.

What can you experience?
  • You can come and enjoy an evening of entertainment by the children of Mlop Tapang including Traditional Apsara dances performed by former street children. Bookings can be made through your local hotels, guesthouses or tour operation and experience Chai yam drumming performed by youths who have recovered from addiction problems.
  • Check out and buy its range of gifts made by children. You can buy them at the Shop on Serendipity Beach.

More information: www.mloptapang.org

2- Starfish Project
It is a unique grassroots project operating since 2000 in both Sihanouk Ville and neighboring provinces. It is involved in a  diversity of projects with the goal of assisting families and individuals in ways that lead them to become independent. Primarily this involves in housing and water project.

What can you experience with this place?
  • Have a relaxing breakfast or lunch at the Starfish Coffee in downtown Sihanouk Ville. It provides a variety of delicious cakes, cookies, brownies, fresh fruit shakes or juices and healthy western-style foods.
  • Check and purchase handicrafts made by disabled people.
  • Relax with a massage- Indian head massage, neck and back. Thai- style, Aroma therapy, or foot massage provided by the blind masseurs.
  • Its fast wireless Internet that you can keep in touch with friends, and family online
  • If you help donate thing you can such as clothing or school materials to help needy children that you can make real difference to the life of Cambodian people.

More information: www.starfishcambodia.org

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