4 places you can go while staying another day in Battambang town, Cambodia

Battambang province is one of popular provinces of Cambodia which have many attraction places and have drawn many tourists both local and International to go. Moreover, Battambang is also recently named the most beautiful town amongst all provinces of Cambodia.

Many travelers who went to Battambang just focused on the interested places or spending time in the town, nightlife, but actually, there are many things you can do or visit in Battambang. So in here I would like to introduce 4 places you can go and visit, and during your visit these places you properly will experiences real Cambodian life and you will enjoy when you did. So during your visit to Battambang province, stay a little longer and try to go these places.

1- Agricultural Development Action

It is a local NGO whose mission is to support poor, helpless and displaced people in Cambodia. It created opportunities fo personal development.
What can you experience?
  •  Learn and understand the rural livelihood and agricultural development programs and approaches.
  • Learn how to its support children and youth in Poipet at risk of trafficking by visiting the training center located in Poipet commune, Banteay Meanchey province.
2- Phar Ponleu Selpak (The brightness of Arts)
It is originated in 1986 in site 2 refugee camp on the Thai border. The idea of an artistic association- one that would use art and expression to help young refugees overcome the trauma of war-emerged from simple drawing workshops for children in the camps. The idea continued after the young refugees returned to their homeland in Battambang. It was formally founded in 1994 by a group of former Site 2 children to continue this work.
What can you do?
  • Enjoy the circus show, and discover traditional Khmer cuisine from its restaurant there
  • Join a half-day drawing workshop
  • Get insight into the Cambodian way of life having dinner and spending the night at the of a local artist
  • Check out its handicraft product that you can buy for your souvenir and much more...

3- Rachana Handicrafts

It is a local, non-profit organization in Battambang involved in the production and marketing of handicrafts. With a little opportunity to gain an education or skills to improve their lives, women and the disabled often find themselves in vulnerable situations. So this place help these people to develop their ability so that they can support themselves and families. So you can visit this place to see what those people work and can help them just buy some of the products.

4- Wat Kor Cultural & Agriculture village

It is about 2 km south of Battambang town, lie the cultural and agricultural villages of Wat Kor commune where visitors enjoy an insight into the Cambodian way of life. It is known for its ancient wooden houses, some of which were constructed in the early 20th century. Explore the simplicity of Khmer housing of the past and present and step into discover the Cambodian way of living. The owners and families will happily take yo around, explaining the history of their homes and sharing their life stories.

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