8 the best tips to the world travelers. Our holiday, their home! Cambodia

Often when we are preparing for a holiday we give little thought to the impact we will have on the destination, its people, culture, economy and environment. Below are a number of ways, as a traveler, you can ensure that communities, other travelers and the destination as a whole benefits from your visit.

So, I provide you 8 tips you can do during your holiday.

1-      Want to learn how to create an instant smile? Think about the barriers you can eliminate by making connections with local people. Chat with the locals and try to speak their language! You are sure to get an instant smile and a laugh to seal those memories.

2-      It’s not a classroom examination, but if you read up on the communities and the laces you intend to visit, your experience will be A+. But remember that your guidebook is just that- a guide. It is not a travel bible and it doesn’t know everything. If you want to truly experience a place, go off-the-beaten-path and explore. You will be glad you did.

3-      We often forget that our holidays are spent in other people’s homes.  It is easy to forget that our hurried concept of time is not the same in other cultures and local people’s thought patterns differ from your own. Challenge yourself and do like the local do, just for one day- you won’t want to miss such a unique experience.

4-      What’s on the menu tonight? Bargaining is expected in many cultures, and we all enjoy the fun of haggling with a smile and a laugh. Sometimes it is easy to get carried away when trying to find the best possible deal. Maybe you will save yourself some money but what you save could be enough to pay for an entire family’s meal that night.

5-      Are you to big for your boots? How heavily do you ‘tread’ on your holiday? Nature resources are precious in every country, and the size of your ecological footprint while on holiday will have an impact on the future of the destination.

6-      Make a difference to the destination by reusing the same water bottle, not buying wildlife products, turning off lights and air conditioners when not in the room, and thinking about your waste disposal.

7-      Go ape over local bananas- or any type of local produce for that matter! By buying from local marets and a roadside vendors and stands you will help to keep money in the local economy, as well as keeping local people in a job and supporting their family.

8-      Make positive contributions to the destinations and communities you visit. The offer of one school pen is often felt by many travelers as a constructive way to help. Giving gifts to children and adults unfortunately encourages begging. Look around the destination and find a project, health centre of school to donate to, or alternatively volunteer your time. Your contribution will have more positive and long-lasting impact than “one school pen”.

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