8 places to visit while staying another day in Phnom Penh

1-      Artisans Association of Cambodia
It is an organization whose heart is in community development and sustainable economic trade. It supports some of Cambodia’s most vulnerable people, such as landmine victims and previously trafficked women.

What can you experience?

When purchasing gifts for others or yourself, you make a positive impact on the people who are working there.

More information: www.aac.org.kh

2-      Cambodia Trust

It is committed to assisting people with disabilities, re-gain mobility and live equal within society. Our help extends to people with moving disabilities, for example, people affected by polio, landmine/ unexploded ordnance, cerebral palsy and clubfoot.

What can you experience?
  • Visit one of its centers (Phnom Penh, Sihanouk Ville, Kampong Chnang provice) and see how prosthetics and orthotics are made and fitted, or talk with its patients to find out more about their lives.
  •  Purchase T-shirts, cards and note books to help it support its commitment to disabled people
  •  Or donate any things are possible for you, such as money or materials…Remember your 5 dollars can make a person’s life change.
 More information: www.cambodiatrust.com

3-      ChildSafe

The project is to develop a child protection network aimed at safeguarding children in Cambodia and other countries in the region from all forms of abuse, especially sexual abuse.

What can you experience?
  • When travelling throughout Cambodia, look out for the ChildSafe logo on Tuk Tuk and support it members by using their services.
  • Purchase ChildSafe product
Be a ChildSafe tourist, travel with your eyes wide open to protect the children in Cambodia.
More information: www.childsafe-cambodia.org

4-      Cyclo Center

Cyclo are an integral part of the Phnom Penh landscape iconic vehicles, first introduced in 1936, they remain one of the best and most economical ways to see the city.

What can you experience
  • Take a cyclo tour of Phnom Penh and environs. You can arrange this at short notice for individuals or group. You will be silently and gracefully transported through Phnom Penh’s busiest street and to major landmarks and points of interest in this vibrant city.
  • You can plan your road or leave it up to them, either way you will be astonished at the low cost and sheer fun.

  More information: www.cyclo.org.uk

5-      Friends International
Friend or in Khmer (Mith Samlagn) work with Cambodian street children, their families and community to develop creative projects that effectively support the children to become independent and productive members of the community. It provides such as education, training facilities, vocational training, counseling...
What can you experience?

  • You can go to its three restaurant that run by the former street youths
  • You also can spend a little time to see what's going on at the main center about those people lives. 
 more information: www.friends-international.org, www.streetfriends.org

6-      National Center of Disabled Person
It helps people with disabilities regain dignity and lead a normal life.

What can you experience?
You can find products such as Cambodian silk- including fashion accessories, photo frames, scarves, key rings, cards, home wares, gift for children, Christmas gifts...

more information: www.ncdpcam.org

7-      Pour un Sourire d’Enfant
It works to support underprivileged children who work and live in the streets and around the Stung Mean chey garbage dump.

What can you experience?

more information:  www.pse.asso.fr

8-      Sovanna Phum
Cambodia has a long and rich tradition of performing arts which involves folk and classical dance, mark theatre, music theatre, shadow puppetry and circus. After a long time of war and depression that almost decimated the arts in Cambodia, the performing art scene is finally going through a revival. So Sovanna Phum works on that.
What can you experience?
Experience a unique performance at its center every Friday and Saturday night at 7:30 pm such as shadow puppetry, classical Apsara dancing, folklore and mark dance, traditional music, circus....

more information: www.sovannaphumtheatre.com

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