Top 10 foods in Cambodia which are strangest or weirdest for foreigner

If you plan on travelling to Cambodia, you may be cringing left and right at the weird foods sold in markets. Although they may be a bit stranger than prawn cocktail crisps, make sure to keep an open mind on your Cambodian adventure. Whether you plan to teach in Cambodia or just to travel the country, these interesting foods will never be too far away.
I found out there are different foreigners who came to Cambodia, some of them loved enjoying luxurious life by spending money on things expensive, foods, accommodation and also some loved exploring things strange or weird.

So, this is article if you are a person who would like trying different weird things, please take a look and you can find and do it when you are coming to Cambodia and I bet you properly like it!

Let enjoy them! 

Source: Nguyen Le Channel


Note: These of foods you can find easily in some places in Cambodia. Keep your eyes open everywhere you go you will notice and see them.

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