Top 10 things to do in Cambodia!

I found here, it is a bit crazy, but I think it is still provided an idea for your traveling to Cambodia. These top 10 things you can do while staying in Cambodia, some of them are pretty good and some are pretty crazy to do.

I know not all of us interested to do the same things. It just only the idea for you when you watch for your time here in Cambodia, but if you interesting to do so, must be aware many things or be careful with what you do.

If volunteering with Kids must understand what to do or don't with children in Cambodia. Motorcycle ride in this it is very dangerous, but if it is your favorite that's fine you can do it.

So, here are they:

1- Visit Angkor Wat temple
2- Gun shooting
3- Visit Sihanouk Ville 
4- Killing Field
5- Animal eating
6- Scorpion, Snake and Gecko wine
7- Fish Massage
8- Travel with Tuk Tuk
9- Volunteer at any schools
10- Motorcycle experience

Source from High On Life Channel

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