10 countries that ban drinking alcohol in the world

In the parties, such as in homes, clubs, restaurants, hotels.The consumption of wine has become something inevitable. Evident in Cambodia you can drink all kinds of wine, your preferences and possibilities except the excessive consumption of any when driving, which is characterized by the new road traffic law only.But you have to go and visit the following 10 countries, freedom of alcohol consumption  are not as what you experienced in Cambodia, for it has become illegal.
What countries that consider alcohol consumption is illegal?

1) Afghanistan 
In Afghanistan to buy wine to drink from its citizens is illegal. But there are many places that are licensed for the sale of alcohol to foreigners who come to stay in country.

2) Bahrain 

Bahrain in the Middle East as a kingdom of wine can be bought only at the major hotels and buying private is allowed only for religious Muslims. The consumption of alcohol in public is illegal in this country.

3) Bangladesh 

The drink is illegal for Bangladesh, but it is still alcohol at hidden places by its citizens. In modern hotels drinking is a legitimate and legal, also some of other sites. The law seems that is not 100% effective.

4) Brunei 

King of Petroleum, Brunei is considered as an empire, with respect religious sect in the region. Related to alcohol is illegal for its citizens. However, at the top official ranking of this country observed and drink swiftly seems to be common in other countries.

5) India 

Law on forbidden to drink wine in the country is very complicated to each state . For some states, such as Gujarat, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland and Lakshadweep Islands Bhutan alcohol is illegal.

6) Iran 

The ban on alcohol in the Muslim population was simple, and it's not a coincidence that the people of Iran are not allowed to drink. By law, the offending couple abstain from alcohol for three time to be sentenced to death. But for Christians who are in this country are allowed to drink wine.

7) Iraq
 In Iraq, you can see the wine pubs, but do not be confused, because this does not mean that these wines are placed to sell to everyone. In western Baghdad who abstain from alcohol intoxicated could face the death penalty.

8) Libya 

The drink is also strict restrictions in Libya. In 2013, only its citizens fraud drinking port wine bottles 50 people were executed.

9) Saudi Arabia 

In Saudi Arabia, you can not buy wine everywhere, but this can not stop its citizens trying to buy. Sales or drink will be sentenced to imprisonment or a fine is based on weight, regardless of citizenship status or foreigners.

10) United Arab Emirates 

Alcohol consumption by foreigners or not the Muslim religion is wide open, as in European countries especially for the family, or the other party through proper permission. Although this case if they find that you drink wine without a valid license or violent alcohol license, do not expect any amnesty.

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