10 places you should not forget to visit while traveling to Japan

1) Kawachi Fuji Park
There are 20
colorful flowers in  Kawachi Fuji Park that attached to the sides of the track, it look like the roof, and in general they always celebrate Wisteria Festival in the spring.

Kawachi Fuji Park Source: CNN

2) waterfall Nachi Fall
Nachi Fall waterfall is the biggest waterfalls in Japan, which has a height of 133 meters, with the added attraction with the construction Temple Kumano Nachi Taishai nearby.

3) Zao Ski Resort
Zao Ski, where visitors to see the snow fell during winter season, making all the tree there becomes a piece of ice, which they called ice Monsters.

4) Hitachi Seaside Park
Hitachi Seaside Park was named Baby blue eyes with
more than 4 million of  Nemophilas flowers that blossoming at the end of April, on top of the mountain Miharashi Hill.

5) Bamboo park Sagano in Kyoto
Japan's Ministry of Environment has incorporated Sagano bamboo forest, the most beautiful forest, among other 100 beautiful natural forest in Japan.

6) Temple gate Itsukushima Hiroshima
Japanese people believe that the gate of Itsukushima is a separator between angels and human gate and has a height of 16 meters stand out from the surface of the water.

7) Lavender plantation
Tomita flower plantations planted three kind of Lavender:  East, Sakiwai Field and Traditional Lavender Garden.

8) Lake Toya 
Although located in the very icy water, lake Toya never become snow freezing on the surface of the water, because the lake is surrounded by mountains with a volcano.

9) Mount Fuji Shibazakura
Spread at the foot of Mount Fuji with carpet covering an area of 2.4 acres with a white and purple and pink. There are thousands of people visit every year.

10) Lake Koya
Koya Lake, located at the foot of the mountain Hiuchi brings beautiful landscape plants with many different colorful trees such as red, yellow, green and orange.

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