10 points can make you excited when using the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

While the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is announced and released for over half a year ago, but the public may not change old phone to use a modern smartphone, and even more do not yet know the features of it. The following is a special 10-point can make you excited when using iPhone 6/6 Plus:
1) When you hold the smartphone in hand, you will feel that your old phone seems to be too small

Whether you use an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, namely that both handset will make you feel different because its screen than the previous generation iPhone. This will provide convenience to the user, such as screen size, easy typing videos, as well as easy to see exactly big icon on the Home screen. iPhone 6 may still be able to take place in the front pocket, but the iPhone 6 Plus can be a bit difficult. 

2) Power button has been relocatedPower button on the iPhone 6 is to change the location of the previous generation iPhone is located at the top, but the next-generation iPhone is switched side of the phone. However, this will give you the convenience to the user to click off without the need to step away to the top anymore. 

3) Although it has a linear shape is hard to put finger to click for open at the top, but also in using easy techniques you find out
Screen size bigger iPhone 6, and including the height of it. The two last-generation iPhone are being elongated screen longer. Make the users feel different from the use of the previous generation
iPhone. Because of this, you may be difficult to click on the icon at the top because it is located away from the thumb . But the company also set a special features that let user can switch the form of an icon in the right half of the screen down to open nearby.

4) Longer battery life, compared to the previous generation iPhone
Battery life is a concern because the user's hard to make the process as far as energy sources. Both iPhone 6 is produced with long battery capacity than the previous generation, especially the iPhone 6 Plus. iPhone 6 has been alleged that the battery lasts 36 hours. According to published MTV website. 

5) Function Slow-motion video camera that is attached from the iPhone 5S Slow-motion on both iPhone 6 is capable of high even more slow
Slow-motion video functions are Apple introduced the iPhone 5S but Slow-motion on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is much better quality recording slower than before. 

6) It is known that you want to say something instead of using finger keyboard
iPhone screen larger than the two previous models, the system also comes with a touch-typing easier typing fast, but to be faster You can use this feature on iOS 8 speech dictation. This function, called Dictation. 

7) Both these iPhone 6 screen,  companies are adding special features to see clearly even under sunlight
Apple has added features to the iPhone 6/6 Plus screen gives clarity even in bright daylight. 

8) If you use the iPhone 6 Plus, you will see something strange little different from the previous iPhone
Both big screen iPhone model will also provide convenience to the website (browsing sites), and Apple also added for the slider ( scaling program) smoother. 

9) Search (search) more quickly
You can quickly find everything on the newest generation of Safari, type the name of the website and the spaces and enter the word you Search. For example, "MTV Rihanna". 

10) The ability of the camera even higher
These top Smartphone's camera was equipped to take clear pictures, including photography Image Stabilization function wide.

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