11 countries in the list of the most obese people in 2015

A report from Social Progess Index has released the final report, which shows the number of countries whose citizens face obesity in the world.  

Below are the 11 countries that SPI Research found that the risk of obesity than the others.

11) United States 31.8% 

US ratings citizens with obese patients, go down from No. 8 last year to number 11 in 2015. The number of overweight people has started declining continuously since 2008.

10) Bahrain 32.6%
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations estimates that 66% of young people who are citizens of this country, Bahrain is having trouble gaining weight . The number of men and 29.9% and 42.4% of women aged between 12 to 17 years, there is a series of problems, weight gain. In the future, the people of Bahrain 15% will be suffering from diabetes.

9) Mexico 32.8%
Food standards issues Mexico fell rapidly when the country bring food processing in the 1980s economic to replace traditional food on a balance of key ingredients make Mexico experienced health problems on the increase in obesity.

8) Qatar 33, 1%
The forecast shows that half of the people of Qatar are exposed to disease obesity. In recent years, the citizens of Qatar, leading to diabetes for a decade, especially with young people that never have before.


7) South Africa 33, 5%
Obesity has become a bigger killer than AIDS and tuberculosis in South Africa. The number of overweight people has doubled 1 to 3 from 250 million to 1 billion people in the past 3 decades in developing countries.


6) Arab 33.7%
Obesity is a sign of the wealth of the people of the Arab world. Currently, the UAE is facing problems obese men exceed women.



5) Sudan 34, 3%
Obesity problem in Sudan fell on female unemployment has doubled 1 to 2 exceeds the number of men.


4) Egypt 34, 6%
Overweight problems in Egypt has started up in the 1990s, and the country now have a high rate diabetes.

3) Belize 34.9%
Belize has become the third largest country in the region with its citizens, 34.9% were at risk of overweight.

2) Saudi Arabia 35, 2%
In 2007, Saudi Arabia stood 29th most populated in the world. A few years later, its population is overweight has doubled 1 to 2 times by women increased more than men.

1) Kuwait 42.8
World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 70% of the assessment male Kuwaiti citizens over 15 years old with obesity and 80 % of women facing this disease, obesity.



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