15 notions that your friend is the most kind friend ever

While your friends are not the people who were part of your family, but there are important contributions to your success as well. At the same time, this could be considered, you are lucky if friend you had who is a great person and has the following 15 points:

1) You can rely on all the time even at 3 am in the morning, or in any situation 
2) Share everything (food, clothing, equipment etc.) to you as their possibility 
3) Listen to reason, or your interpretation, even if you do not wish to listen to 
4) Do not like to use threats or conditions force you to do something, 
5) Present in any places that you have a presence 
6) Kind, not stingy
7) Create a good project for a walk with you in the future 

8) Allow you into their home as you enter your home
9) See you as a good friend indispensable, even if you have many gaps 

10), Esteemed and respected family or your friends like you 
11) Do not lie and show you their loyalty openly 
12) Know your feelings when you are sad or happy, even if you do not tell 
13) Your friends are always important to encourage you to try to look forward 
14) Forgiveness and favor with you again, even if you've already discarded 
15) Loyal and devoted all his strength to help you all the time, even in different situations.

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