3 new Guinness World Records from Cambodia (Khmer New Year 2015)

Recently, a big event called "Sankrantra 2015"was celebrated in Siem Reap province of Cambodia to welcome Khmer New Year 2015 and it was finished with a huge success in enhancing Khmer's pride. For 3 day-celebration of the event, it had attracted tourist both local and international tourists about 500,000 people to come and visit Siem Reap and the event.

In this event, many different activities and performances were set up to provide fun and happiness to visitors such as concert, Khmer traditional game activities, chess competition, Khmer traditional fighting art, dancing...etc

But what is the most successful from this event, there are 3 different achievements which received and broke the world record.

1- The giant Khmer cake (Num Ansorm Yeak)

 This cake has about 4040 kg of weight and it never had before in the world. It took 2 days to prepare this cake done with 100 chiefs. This cake made of sticky rice, is the main ingredient about 1000 kg and other ingredients.
2- 2015 youths dance Madizon 

There are 2015 youths managed by Cambodian Youth Association, danced Madison song to provide fun and happy time to tourists in this event, and in the meaning of unity ( one chopstick can be broken, but not a bunch of chopstick). This dance was also received and broken the Guinness World Record in the second day of Khmer New Year event (15-04-2015) 

3- Khmer string pulling game (Teanh Proat)
 The longest string pulling game, in length of 250 meters with 150 people broke the world record by Guinness in the second day of Khmer New Year 2015.

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