4 emergency natural tips to deal with choking fish bones

We truly believe that every one had experience already with choking fish bones. We believe also that you all may got some keys to resolve the issue immediately. Today I would like to share ways to solve the problem during choking fish bones:

1) The first method 

Merger rice or sticky rice to be mini rounded size as beef meatballs then put it into the mouth swallow it into stomach and fish bone could be stuck in that and go into the stomach too.

2) The second method 

Make lemon juice about 1 or 2 rice spoon and then drink it, because lemon juice can help fish bones become soft and fall into the stomach, but this method can only be used for small fish bones and are not too deep into the throat.
3) The third way

If the fish bones is not go too deep as  stuck on the upper throat, put water into mouth by head up position, and do strongly mouthwash 3 to 4 times and then spit out, doing so can also help fish bones dislodges and water gargling.

4) The fourth way

If a fish bone stuck  deep in throat, drink a little water into the mouth and then chew a piece of bread and tried to swallow entire bread because the bread will help pull the fish bones down into the stomach.

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